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Product Details
Digital natural Gas Vortex Flowmeter
Digital natural Gas Vortex Flowmeter
Digital Vortex Flowmeter, Full Tube Stainless Steel Model Vortex Flow Meter
Quick Details:
Place of OriginHenan, China (Mainland)Brand NameWEILIModel NumberMGG
Product NameDigital natural Gas Vortex FlowmeterMediumEtc flowmeterAccuracy0.2% flowmeter
Power supply220VAC/ 24VDC flowmeterOutput4-20mA /RS485 flowmeterApplicationWidely flowmeter
keywordnatural Gas Vortex FlowmeterTypeIntegral flowmeterMaterialStainless Steel flowmeter

Product Description:
LUGB series of vortex flowmeter is based on the"Karman vortex" principle, the use of piezo electric crystal as a measuring element of the flow measurement instruments for a variety of gas, steam, liquid flow measurement . LUGB series of vortex flowmeter specifications from DN15 to DN600, vortex flowmeter in accordance with the structural characteristics into full-tube vortex flowmeter and plug-in vortex flowmeter. In accordance with the different output signals can be divided into pulse output mode sensor and the standard current output of the transmitter.The instrument has the advantage of wide flow measurement range,high accuracy,simple structure, small pressure loss, no moving parts, etc.It is applied to the measurement of instantaneous flow and total flow of fluid in a closed pipeline.
Measurement is independent of fluid density ,viscosity,humidity, temperature pressure and conductivity There are no obstacle parts in the measuring tube no pressure loss to the tube of which the straight part is of low requirement The sensor with grounded electrode gurantees the grounding wellThe sensor with advanced processing technology is of nice resistance to the negative pressure.
1. Simple and firm, no moving parts, high reliability, long-term operation is very stable
2. Zero drift, high precision
3. Pressure loss is small, easy to maintain
4. Measuring range, range up to: 1: 15
5. Wide range of applications, gas, liquid, steam flow can be measured
6. Wide operating temperature range: -40 ℃ to 350 ℃ high temperature
7. Output pulse signal or current signal, easy to use with computer and other digital systems
Flow measurement range of full tube vortex flowmeter
Air lower limit568183050701001000
Air upper limit305060180300500700100010000
Liquid lower limit11.223561320200
Liquid upper limit68153050601302002000
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