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Product Details
High G Drying Shaker
High G Drying Shaker
Waste Management
DC Hi-G Dry Shaker is a linear motion shale shaker,on the one hand,it is used to recover the mud from drilling cuttings of the main shale shaker and hydrocyclone,so as to reduce the mud waste and drilling cost;on the other hand,it makes the the liquid/oil content in the drilling cuttings to as low as about 10%(w/w),for the purpose of reducing environmental pollution.
1. High G-force vibration intensity(adjustable as per working conditions);
2. Make drilling cuttings more dryer;
3. Weir type feed box is more applicable to on-site process;
4. Fast drilling cuttings conveying speed and high handling capacity;
5. Screen frame tilt angle can be adjusted from -1°~+5°;
6. Wedge tensioning system ensures easy screen replacement;

Hi-G Dry Shaker Technical Parameters
Vibrating ModeLinear Motion
Motor Power2×1.94kW
Vibrating Strength7.5G(adjustable)
Capacity150 m3/h(660GPM)
Deck Adjustment-1°~5°
Electric Specs380V/50HZ Or 460V/60HZ Or Customized
CertificateExd BT4
Screen Quantity4 panel
Screen Specification585×1165mm, 200~300mesh
Screen Area2.73 m2
Screen TypeFrame
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