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Hdd Mud Recycling System
Hdd Mud Recycling System
Mud System
HDD( is short for horizontal directional drilling) is applied to urban municipal construction and electrified pipe network transformation. Communication cable laying and the big and small rivers, lake and the horizontal directional crossing construction when the building cannot be demolished, especially in the environmental protection and municipal pipe network expansion project and the horizontal directional crossing construction of large pipeline crossing river project.

Main advantages of HDD Mud recycling system: 
1. DCMC Series HDD mud circulation system has the three functions of solid phase control, rapidly mixing and reserve mud.
2. Which can separate the solid phase from the returned drilling fluid, the treated fluid can be circulating used.
3. On the one hand, it reduces the amount of mud, reduces the pollution to the environment, and reduces the amount of waste disposal. On the other hand, because the recycled mud is mature mud, the performance      is relatively stable, which can reduce the underground accidents due to unstable performance.
4. The mud purification system and horizontal directional drilling rig supporting construction, complete the pipeline through the construction of the whole process.
Main parameter: 
ModelTreating capacity(m³/h)Separation pointd50(μm)Dimension(m)Total power(kw) Weight(kg)  
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