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Product Details
powder filling machine DCS-50A-1
DCS-50A-1 Powder/Granule filling machine is best suited for products that are powder or granule. It is built to meet food grade standards, and also to handle various chemical applications.
It is widely used in Building materials,chemical and food industry .
For example :Powder mortar, cement, powder coatings, powder, metal powder; Premix additive, flour, starch, feed enzyme, etc
Standard Features:
--- HandFree Weighing Control Technology;
--- Instantly displaying weight’s digital value, and automatically correcting;
--- Optional operation mode : Auto mode or Manual mode;
--- Automatically switched between Fast filling rate and Slow filling rate;
--- High filling accuracy due to the application of load cells with good quality;
--- Applicable to Valve-bag, knit-bag and bucket;
--- Can be stopped by Emergency Button when something unexpected happens;
--- Easily understood and easily operated for most users;
--- Low-cost to be maintained owe to standardized components.
Filling capacity
2-4 P/min (DCS-50A-2 5P/min)
Filling range
5-50kg (DCS-50A-2 0.1kg-5kg)
Filling accuracy
< 0.3%(25kg)
Max filling range
< 50kg
Power supply
AC380V+5% 50Hz 1.5KW
Net weight
Machine Size
L*W*H(mm) 1135*550*850
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