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Fresh-Keeping cold Storage
Fresh-Keeping Storage
Fresh vegetable and fruit need to be stored in the cold storage with temperature around 0C. Some products need the right humid and breath control, cold storage will be with both refrigeration system and air control system. All designs are depend on how the user will use the storage and what kinds of products will be put inside.

Classification of cold room:
Cold storage functionDesigned temperature range
Quick freezing/blast freezing cold storage-40~-35-40~-31
Frozen food storage-25~-18-13~-0.4
Fresh-keeping e.g. fruit, vegetable, eggs, milk-5 ~ + 10+23~+50
Pre-cooling room/chilling room03~+2
Other area with workers e.g. processing, corridor, loading areas+2~+8+35.6~+46.2
  System choices:
  Compressor brands: Bitzer/Copeland/ReComp/Fusheng, screw or reciprocating type
  Evaporator brands: Gunter/Luve/eCool
  Insulation Panel material: PU/PIR/XPS
  Other accessories’ brands: Danfoss/Carel/SiemensFeatures of eCool cold storage:
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