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Product Details
PCB Prototype Assembly - Grande Electronics
Supplier: Shenzhen Grande Electronic
Project: PCB Prototype Assembly - Grande Electronics
PCB: FR-4/1.6mm, 1oz finished copper
Surface Treatment: ENIG
PCBA Lead time:2-3 weeks
Packing: Anti-static bag and compartmental packing
Twist: <0.75%
1, PCBA turnkey solution for PCB Prototype Assembly - Grande Electronics
2, PCB Assembly, PCB fabrication / PCB layout, PCB re-layout.
3, Electronic Manufacturing Service.
5, Components Sourcing.
6, Quick PCBA prototype.
7, X-ray test, the Internal Circuit Test (ICT) , Function Test (FCT)
8, Sample and small batch order are accepted.
PCBA Service
Customer offers: Gerber file, PCB Specification, BOM and Assembly Drawing.
Full-turnkey PCBA: 1-30Layers PCB, Components Sourcing, SMT, PCBA testing, PCBA 
Aging test, PCBA Packing and PCBA Shipping.
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