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CD106 riser pressure sensor

Product Details

CD106 riser pressure sensor
The riser pressure sensor is mainly used to measure the riser pressure value. Can be used to measure mud, cement, and acidic materials. Working principle: Mud, cement and acid are transferred to the riser pressure gauge and recorder through a high pressure hose. The maximum pressure of the riser pressure can reach 103MPa

AC control module 0521-2500-23
AC control module 0521-2500-00
DC control module 0522-2400-14
DC Control Module 0522-2400-23
Power limit box 0509-3900-00
Power board 0509-1200-03
Generator excitation board 0509-7901-00
Drill control panel 0509-2500-00
Sprocket skid plate 0000-2003-00
Solid state relay board 0000-9562-00
DC voltmeter 0801-0060-02
DC ammeter 0801-0007-02
AC active power meter 0801-0010-02
AC reactive power shortage table 0801-0011-02
ROSS HILL - 0100-0120-00
ROSS HILL - 0000-2003-00
ROSS HILL - 0509-3000-00
AC voltmeter GEN cabinet
AC ammeter MCC cabinet
Indicator bulb 0405-0045-00
Indicator bulb 0405-0016-00
Indicator bulb 0404-0035-00
Indicator bulb 0405-0026-00
Indicator light MCC cabinet
Indicator light MCC cabinet
Micro switch 0403-0080-00
Micro switch 0000-6953-61
Fuse 0000-6935-13
Fuse 0000-6904-32
Fuse 0301-0009-00
Fuse 0301-0010-00
Fuse 0301-0011-00
Fuse 0301-0012-00
Fuse 0301-0013-00
Fuse 0301-0019-00
Varistor 0000-6818-06
Relay 0000-6897-39
Relay 0402-0039-00
Relay 0402-0043-00
SCR 0501-0416-10
SCR cabinet fan 0002-1076-62
Rheostat 0506-0001-00
Rheostat 0506-0003-00
Transformer 1003-0007-00
Transformer 1003-0008-00
Transformer 1003-0066-01
Transformer 1003-0091-01
Transformer 1004-0004-00
Pulse transformer 0100-0357-00
FIELD lifesaving package 0509-6800-00
Intelligent rectifier module MJYS-QKZL-200
Protection board PC1-ZRXSH
Fault detection board PC2-GZJCB
Electronic overvoltage and undervoltage relay XJ11
Fuses 660GH or RGS4/ 63A
Fuses 660GH or RGS4/80A
Fuses 660GH or RGS4/100A
Rectified regulated power supply DP-K24/AC220V/DC12V2A
Axial fan 220V, 38W
Crimping pliers JYJ-400A
Transformer T15
Three-phase four-pole plug / seat JL32J4T YC 25A
Three-phase four-pole plug / seat JL32J4T YC 40A
Three-phase four-pole plug / seat JL32J4T YC 60A
Three-phase four-pole plug / seat JL32J4T YC 100A
Three-phase four-pole plug / seat JL32J4Z YB 150A
Three-phase four-pole plug / seat JL32J4T YC 200A
Two-pin plug / seat P20K2HJG-1/P20J2MQJG
Three-pin plug / seat P20K3HJG-1/P20J3MQJG
Four-pin plug / seat (four thin) P28K9QJG/P28J9MQJG
Four-pin plug/seat (two thick and two thin) P28K10QJG/P2810MQJG
Seven-pin plug / seat P28K4QJG/P28J4MQJG
Eight-pin plug / seat P32K2QJG/P32J2MQJG
20-pin plug/seat 16YT-20J/16GZ-20K
ROSS HILL-0100-0120-00
ROSS HILL-0000-2003-00
ROSS HILL-0509-3000-00
ROSS HILL-0801-0071-00
ROSS HILL-0501-0616-10
ROSS HILL-0507-0004-00

Carbon brush T900
Brake lever SK-1 220/18V
Power board PC01
Single diode PC03
Ground fault detection board PC13
Generator excitation board PC11
Sprocket cleat PC05
Solid state relay board PC15
PC14 PC14
Double row diode PC04, PC20, PC21
AC module 1900KVA 50HZ CAT3512B
Bidirectional DC contactor K5
DC contactor K2, K7, K8, K96702ED584, 1850A, 74VDC
DC contactor K1, K3, K4, K6CCZ38-1250/10, 74VDC
Solid state relay board PC15, PC16, PC17, PC18
Voltage feedback board PC02, PC06, PC07
Single-phase transformer T15 600V/24V 250VA
Three-phase transformer T06 600 / 31V 50VA 50/60HZ
Single-phase transformer T07 600V/115V 150VA
Single phase transformer T08 600V/115V 1.8KVA
Six-phase transformer T10 600V/115V 1.1KVA
Single-phase transformer T13 600V/115V 1.5KVA
Single-phase transformer T14 220V/31V 50VA
Three-phase transformer T11 600V/31V 50VA
Relay RL01 700-CF220P 120VAC
Relay RL10 700-HD33A1 120VAC
Relay RL02 700-HD33Z24 24VDC
Relay RL09 700-CF400P 120VAC
Synchronous transformer DKIS-0.6/160-3P-C-Y/Y-12-160VA-600V/100V
Measuring transformer DKIS-0.6/160-3P-C-△/Y0-5/Y0-11-160VA-600V/100V
Power Transformer DKID-400/0.6-1P-C-I/I-12-400VA-600V/220V
Excitation transformer DKID-1500/0.6-1P-C-I/I-12-1500VA-600V/180V
Three-phase transformer T04 600/120/12V 600VA
SCR fan BLWR-MDLG/1.2HP, 600V
Foot switch potentiometer 59789-200/BCW-25W /0506-0003-00
Potentiometer 0506-0001-00
Fuse LE1076 (KT33G-600A/700VAC)
Fuse LE1051 (KT301-63A/1300V)
Thyristor SCR 0504-0416-10 2000V 1400A
Rectifier bridge MDS160-16
Frequency table BM10018 45~55HZ
Rectifier bridge single phase QL98M
SCR 0501-1237-01 9929
DC Contactor SLCZ8-1800/10 74V
DC contactor CCZ38-1250/10 74V
DC contactor CCZ38-1000/40
Power limit box PC14
Drilling power board PC01T
Winch joystick V61.1LBKM-02ZC-A050C152
Ammeter (0-2000) A
Generator button light 9001KXPA1A
Single-phase filter purification power supply ZDA-A1 (BM10-1014-03-02)
Jessman handle BVV81B3KM-03ZP-X
Relay 9088800102 Model PRS250
Scale knob (voltage, speed) 509-428 (107-3138)
Single-phase DC contactor 6702ED584
Pulse transformer DDB02-50-0 DDB02-50-0
DC contactor CZ28-1600Q/10
Vibrating screen motor SGX-30-18-460/480-6-001
Resistance 59789-200 0506-0003-00
Chronograph 6905-90
CONTROLS CORP 0001-1708-00, 0001-0074-74
Vibrating screen motor VLB-35224-W
TSC Transformer 11PH 50/60HZ 480V/120V 250VA
DC contactor 6702ED621-2
SCR bulb CML755
SCR room light bulb 0405-0045-00
Micro switch 0403-0080-00
0801-0007-02 DC ammeter 0-2000V
0801-0011-02 Three-phase reactive power meter 0-2000
508A452G23 Assignment Switch
Woodward governor SPM-D11
Wirewound potentiometer WXJ-5-22
Data Acquisition Module WB1850-B35-0.5
Voltmeter 0-750 V
GEN Internet Light KXPA1R 110V
GEN running light KXPA1W 110V
SCR running indicator KXPA1G 110V
Surge suppression indicator KXPA1R 110V
GEN idle running switch RUN-IDLE-OFF
Pulse transformer DDB02-50-0
Contactor CCZ38-1250/10
Ammeter conversion board PC12
Transformer T05
Transformer JKD-FC 1200A
JQL98M (single phase) rectifier bridge
AC1000V, 60A with single contact (fast fuse)
AC700V, 600A (fast fuse)
YSK-1500-2 DC cabinet fan
YSK1500-2 DC cabinet fan
PC15, PC19 / PC22--PC23 (solid state relay board)
PC01-DY power board
DC-50Hz/60Hz DC module
YS L2-15C, 15A/125VAC micro switch
P9XUID0/P9XUIDD0 380VAC/DC2W instrument indicator
P9XUVRD0/P9XUVDD0 380VAC/D meter indicator
P9XUGRD0/P9XUGDD0, 380VAC/D instrument indicator
P9XURRD0/P9XURDD0, 380VAC/D instrument indicator
BCW 200Ω 25W Wirewound Potentiometer
PC01T drill board
700-HD33A1 AC120V 50/60HZ Electromagnetic Relay
PL-18V instrument indicator
9001KXPA1A (9001KM1) 110/1 indicator light
KYL-0.66,800 / 1A current transformer
700-CF400P relay
700-HD33Z24 DC24V electromagnetic relay
9001KR1BH8+KU1 110V push button switch
Temperature control switch / RS331-528 90 ° C
Three-position switch /CR104PSM36
Assignment switch 661A270
PC03 single row diode board
PC04 double row diode board
PC15 solid state relay board
PC05 pulley anti-skid plate
PC11 excitation board
Power cable terminal 300-16
Current transformer JK1200D29
Foot switch assembly BM30026
Temperature control switch RS331-528 90°C
Pulse transformer DDB02-05-02M
PC3 HOC power board
PC2 fault detection board
PC13 ground fault detection board
PC1 RC absorption protection board
Excitation board resistance F30J1K0
Intermediate relay RL11 BC6-30-10
Intermediate relay RL10 B7-40-00 120v
Auxiliary contact CAF6-11E
Electromagnetic brake insurance RGS4 AC660V/80A
Electromagnetic brake PC1 board CAPACITANCE RESISTANCE FIELD
Electromagnetic brake PC2 board EMB FAULT GETECTOR
Electromagnetic brake transformer T2 T2 380/220
Electronic overvoltage and undervoltage relay IDEC RU4S-A220

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