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ME-9001 intelligent cable fault tester

Product Details

ME-9001 intelligent cable fault tester
One, product introduction:
ME-9001 intelligent cable fault tester is to meet the rapid development of industrial grade power industry solution and IT times, the limitations of the original cable fault tester for industrial embedded computer system, network service platform, communication technology of USB system, which greatly improved the instrument use function and value in use and convenient field operation environment. Test software automatic recognition of clamping read out the fault distance, especially for the buried cable fault growing provides a unique multi project service mode and the management of learning software. General technical conditions of the people's Republic of China electric power industry standard "DL/T849.1 to DL/T849.3-2004" power equipment special testing equipment to meet the whole system of the people's Republic of China, production follow a licence for manufacturing measuring instruments for Shaanxi No. 00000548, the sets of equipment type, brand has been in the State Administration for industry and Commerce for the record, the State Grid, the qualified supplier product of China Southern Power grid. The system test by the system host machine, fault locator and cable route instrument is composed of three parts, used for testing the power of cable fault, cable, cable burying depth path searching and cable archives maintenance management. And accurate testing of railway signal control cable and a street lamp cable fault.
Two, advantages:
The leading domestic use industrial embedded computer platform system, XP computer operating system platform, integrated software testing, and equipped with cable fault testing software and cable information management learning software.
The domestic leading by 12.1in large screen touch system, touch the mouse operation, bright screen display, to adapt to the use of outdoor sunlight, lithium battery power supply, convenient field test. Engineering plastic chassis, shockproof moisture implementation of very strong stability.
It uses USB communication interface of the latest acquisition, signal is stable, the host can automatically select the minimum 6.25MHz, maximum 100MHz five sampling frequency, adaptive pulse width, and can meet the needs of different length of cable testing requirements, reduce coarse measurement error, improve the accuracy of the test.
The software realization of low voltage pulse waveform automatic recognition search, fault waveforms inflection point automatic positioning, fault distance instrument automatically read and display, with the screen area two, waveform display, realization of automatic and human treatment of two kinds of mode, which makes the waveform realize double clamping operation, double the cursor movement can be accurate to 0.15 meters, improve rough measurement precision to reduce the error, waveform.
The host supports host comes with the WIFI receiving function, realize remote real-time testing technology experts on-site service at any time can be the special 3G software, expert remote control user host, business technology equipped with mobile phone the Android version of the test software, to the user site testing whenever and wherever possible, provide timely accurate waveform analysis and communication and guidance, so you worry free work.
The built-in field waveform and on-site physical wiring diagram, to field test comparison and study everyday, and automatic test report generation and printing.
The key part of precise fixed-point instrument can direct digital display tester from the distance to fault, using the squelch technology, which is another innovation of domestic similar point technology, in order to fast and accurately search the cable fault, has provided a powerful guarantee to reduce power losses.
The high pressure discharge part three for the user to choose, the leading domestic 8.4kg HDG-350 high frequency high voltage power supply new replacement 65kg testing transformer and a control box,HDG-251 built-in capacitor integration of high frequency and high voltage power supply high voltage impact part, wide scope of application, the real integrated light, the leading domestic.
Three, the technical parameters:
It can test a variety of 35KV under different voltage grade, different sections, different media and all kinds of material of power cable faults, including: open circuit, short circuit, low resistance, high resistance, high resistance leak flashover fault.
It can be all kinds of fault testing of railway communication cable, control cable, signal cable of street lamp.
It can be any cable length measurement of radio wave propagation in the known speed.
It can test the power cables buried path and buried depth.
Display: 12.1 inch industrial grade LCD touch screen (XP platform)
Storage: fixed 8G
Test method: low voltage impulse method, Chong lightning flow method, direct flash current method
Mode of operation: mouse operation
The test distance: not less than 60km
The shortest distance testing (blind): 0-5 meters or without blind zone
Precision fixed-point error: + 0.2m
Error: system error is less than 1%
Resolution: V/fm; V wave velocity m/ s software cursor 0.10 meters.
Standby time: around 6 hours of continuous use.
The host weight: 6.2kg
Size: 180mm x 300mm x 400mm
Temperature: -20 degrees to 40 C, relative humidity: 80%.
Instrument sampling frequency: 6.25MHz, 12.5MHz, 25MHz, 50MHz, 100MHz, (adaptive pulse width)
Power supply and power: AC 220V + 10% is not more than 15W DC 12V (7AH) is not more than 20W
The mode of service and technology: A, 3G wireless remote synchronous control service; B, mobile Android version of the test software services; C

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