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Phenolic resin applied in Abrasives Tools

Product Details

Phenolic resin applied in Abrasives Tools
Phenolic resin applied in Abrasives Tools
Phenolic resin applied in Abrasives Tools
Phenolic resin applied in Abrasives Tools
Product CategoryProduct NameProduct Number
Phenolic Resin Applied in Abrasives ToolsGeneral Resin Sections, Grinding Resin Section, and PowderResinWL-1103, WL-1105, WL-1105A, WL-1106,
WL-1106A, WL-1107, WL-1201, WL-1207, WL-1320
Resin for Heavy Load Grinding Wheel, Finishing WheelWL-1308, WL-1309, WL-1408
Resin for Superhard Grinding WheelWL-1500, WL-1501, WL-1505, WL-1508
Liquid Resin for Bonded AbrasivesWL-1605, WL-1607, WL-1603, WL-1608
Resin for Fiberglass Mesh Used in Grinding WheelWL-1616, WL-1617, WL-1708, WL-1709
Resin for Fabric BaseWL-1804, WL-1806, WL-1808
Resin for Adhesive Coating Used in Abrasive Cloth or PaperWL-1822, WL-1826, WL-1832, WL-1833,
WL-1881, WL-1831, WL-1820, WL-1870
Resin for Adhesive Bonded FabricWL-1829, WL-1839
Alkylphenol Formaldehyde ResinBrominated Octyl-phenolic Curing ResinWL-2201
Octyl-phenolic Trackifying ResinWL-2203
Phenolic Resin for Coating Sand CastingResin for Coated SandWL-3102, WL-3150
Resin for Oil Fracturing ProppantWL-3901
Phenolic Resin applied in Stone Wool and FRPResin for Rock Wool and Fiber GlassWL-4004, WL-4005
Glass Fiber Reinforced ResinsWL-4508, WL-4510, WL-4501
The Car FeltWL-4410
Phenolic Resin for Friction MaterialStraight Phenolic ResinWL-5002, WL-5004, WL-5005, WL-5006,
WL-5007, WL-5008, WL-5009
Modified Phenolic ResinWL-5203, WL-5203A, WL-5205, WL-5207,
WL-5209, WL-5305
Liquid ResinWL-5801
Phenolic Resin for Foam Insulation BoardResin for XPSWL-6006
Resin for EPSWL-6012, WL-6033, WL-6020, Wl-6021
Phenolic Resins for Refractory IndustryNovolac Powder Phenolic ResinWL-7102, WL-7105
Resole Liquid Phenolic ResinWL-7318, WL-7312, WL-7323, WL-7325
Green Resole Phenolic ResinWL-7525, WL-7526
Resin for Isostatic Pressing ProductsWL-7308, WL-7408, WL-7708
Novolac Liquid Phenolic ResinWL-7605 , WL-7615
Moisturefree/Anhydrous ResinWL-7708
Resin for Photoresist and Electrical IndustryResin for PhotoresistWL-8012, WL-8014, WL-8016
Phenolic Bakelite PowderWL-8202, WL-8204, WL-8206, WL-8208
Resin for Insulating MaterialsWL-8400, WL-8401, WL-8410, WL-8411
Resin for Copper Clad LaminatesWL-8500, WL-8600

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