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Product Details
tubes upsetter for Upset Forging of Drilling Equipment tubes upsetter for Upset Forging of Drilling Equipment tubes upsetter for Upset Forging of Drilling Equipment tubes upsetter for Upset Forging of Drilling Equipment tubes upsetter for Upset Forging of Drilling Equipment
The production line for the processing and production of oil drilling pipe, is mainly divided into three steps, by using the upsetting machine, Intermediate frequency quenching and tempering machines, pipe threading lathes and some other machines. 
1. Our products have good rigidity.
2. 400T upsetting force can meet all kinds of requirements of drill pipe, oil pipe.
3. 256mm cavity can produce all products of oil pipe, drill pipe, drill collar.
4. The range of process diameter that can be processed: 50mm-127mm.
5. Achieve the production automation.

Hydraulic upsetting machine is widely used in oilfield, construction, bridge and other industries, is the preferred equipment to carry out large quantities, high precision upsetting forging production, which is very suitable for round steel, steel pipe, drill pipe, sucker rod, oil pipe and other long rod forging and forming.

Product details:
The mainframe is a hydraulic driven horizontal die upsetting machine, the fuselage frame is made of high quality material, so that the upsetting machine has the characteristics of stable structure, good rigidity, high precision and good vibration absorption. Upsetting machine structural design is more ingenious, so that equipment is more reliable; automatic nesting auxiliary machine design concept is particularly advanced, the organization can accurately and timely delivery of materials to the designated station.
Video1: https://youtu.be/NZ1gGOqAyQU
Video2: https://youtu.be/Ql4fqtJ7juE

   Name unitYPD400B
Upsetting kN4000
Upsetting travel mm800
Punching speed mm/s≥190
Clamping force kN5400
Upper and lower die opening degreemm180
Dimensions mm 3977×2597×2512
weight kg19000

STEP2: Intermediate frequency quenching and tempering production line :
TZX series intermediate frequency quenching and tempering production line is a kind of device with a high performance product by our company. It can complete various sucker rod, oil pipe, drill pipe, drill collar, tubing and steel rod heat treatment processing. It adopts the high strength bed design, have a variety of configuration and can be chosen by the customer. The fully automatic feeding device realizes the unmanned operation of the whole production line, which greatly reduces the labor cost.
Video: https://youtu.be/NyfTDX4LaKc

QK series pipe threading lathe is also called oil country lathe, big bore lathe and hollow spindle lathe are economical CNC horizontal lathe, which are not only suitable for oil pipe thread turning, but also widely used in all works of life such as automotive, petroleum, military and other mechanical processing. The lathe has the advantages of high efficiency, low scrap rate, good consistency, etc.
Video: https://youtu.be/NLN9LgBQxMI

The production line is suitable for processing varieties of drill pipe, drill collar, oil pipes, etc.

Our service:
Quick action and reply for the technical questions at any time in the whole life of the machine.
Overseas after service center available in some region.
Engineer overseas service available on the requirement of customer(relative cost born by customer).
Free design drawing, free installation, free debugging, Cheap accessories.

Solid Seaworthy Wood Box Package with Steel Belt.
Save space as much as possible for container loading.
The package is wooden box which is heat treatment. Or pack it according to customers special request.
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