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counter weight type hydraulic control spherical valve

Product Details

counter weight type hydraulic control spherical valve
counter weight type hydraulic control spherical valve
Hydraulic control slow closed ball valve(spherical valve)
一, Product overview

Hydraulic control slow closed ball valve with hydraulic slowly-closing butterfly valve control of all the benefits at the same time, make up for the large diameter hydraulic slowly-closing butterfly valve control can bear high pressure and high pressure water head to head of the butterfly valves are of great flow resistance coefficient. Ball valve flow resistance coefficient is almost zero, the body part can choose ball valve and ball valve, suggested that ball valves for the pressure PN40 above.

Hydraulic control valve is suitable for the working condition of high pressure water head hydro power station, installed on the turbine before, as the turbine inlet valve. Can be truncated before turbine pressure water, slowly-closing function can effectively eliminate pipeline water hammer, when there is a failure in the guide vane, can shut down automatically hydraulic control valves, prevent turbine runaway, guarantee safe operation of the equipment,

The hydraulic control valve has the function of hydraulic control butterfly valve with can be used as a distributed control system (DCS) of a central control unit, by simply unscrewing the valve control box knob switch to the remote and linkage, through the remote operation can complete valve, by-pass system, the linkage of the hydraulic turbine operation, the operation processes are completed by control of the programmable controller (PLC) in the cabinet, intelligentize degree is high, stable operation.

Hydraulic control slow closed ball valve is a combination of hydraulic control of intelligent control and ball valve's major advantages:

1, with the lowest flow resistance (actual 0);

2, it has the same rotated 90 degrees. Ball valve just has to rotate 90 degrees operation and small rotational torque can be closed tight.

Smooth the body cavity with equal cross section of the nominal diameter for medium resistance is very small, straight flow channel,

3, in the full open and full closed, the ball and seat sealing surface and the dielectric isolation, so the media does not cause across the valve sealing surface erosion;

4, compact structure, light weight, can think it is the most reasonable valve used for low temperature medium system structure;

5, body symmetry, especially welding body structure, well under pressure from pipeline;

6, close a can bear high pressure difference;

二, Model specification

Energy storage lock hydraulic control slow ball valve closed

1.before the valve spool 2.before the valve pressure gauge 3.hydraulic control valves 4.expansion joints 5.after the valve pressure gauge 6.the air valve 7.drain valve 8.by-pass pipe bending 9. the hydraulic bypass valve 10 bypass slip joint 11.by-pass straight pipe 12. manual by-pass valve

三, Hydraulic control ball valve technical specification
1, The basic parameters
Nominal diameter: 150~1400mm
Nominal pressure≤10.0MPa
Strength test 1.5×PN
Sealing test 1.1×PN
Working medium :Water, sea water, oil, gas, etc
Working temperature ≤120°
2, Standards and specifications
Product manufacturing GB/T 14478-1993, GB/T 12237-2007
Transmission device JB/T5299-1998
Piping flange Gray cast iron flanges GB/T 17241.6-1998
Piping flange Nodular cast iron flanges GB 12380.1~12380.3-1990
Piping flange Steel flange GB/T 9112~9124-2010
Length of the valve GB/T12221-2005
Test:GB/T 14478-1997, GB/T 13927-1992
Quality assurance ISO9001:2000

3, Open/close parameters
CAL Open valve time
<1000 15~60 seconds
≥1000 25~120seconds
Close valve time
Fast shut
<1000 5~20 seconds
≥1000 10~50 seconds

Slowly shut
<1000 10~60 seconds
≥1000 20~90 seconds
Close valve Angle

Fast shut
<1000 70+10
≥1000 70+10

Slowly shut
<1000 20+10
≥1000 20+10

4, Electrical control
Electric cabinet type
Ordinary type, explosion-proof type
Power supply : AC380 V±10%/50HZ
Control the power: AC220 V, DC220V, DC110V, DC24V

5, Main component materials
The valve body material :Carbon steel
A sphere :Carbon steel sealing surface chromium plating
The seat :PTFE and stainless steel
Valve shaft material: Stainless steel
Fill in the material :V-shaped sealing ring, flexible graphite
Shaft sleeve :The CSB self-lubricating bearings

四, The accumulator type hydraulic control ball valve figure shape

五, Counter weight type hydraulic control ball valve figure shape

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