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counter weight type hydraulic control butterfly valve

Product Details

counter weight type hydraulic control butterfly valve
counter weight type hydraulic control butterfly valve
一, The technical specification

一, The basic parameters

Nominal diameter
Nominal pressure
Strength test
Sealing test
Working medium
Water, sea water, oil, gas, etc
Working temperature
二, Standards and specifications
Product manufacturing
GB/T 14478-1993, GB/T 12238-2008, JB/T 8527-1997
Transmission device
Length of the valve
GB/T 14478-1997, GB/T 13927-1992
Quality assurance
三, Open/close parameters


Open valve time
Close valve time
Fast shut
Slowly shut
Close valve Angle
Fast shut
Slowly shut
四, Electrical control
Electric cabinet type
Ordinary type, explosion-proof type
Power supply
AC380 V±10%/50HZ
Control the power
AC220 V, DC220V, DC110V, DC24V

五, Main component materials
The valve body material
Gray cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel
Butterfly plate material
Gray cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel
The seat
Surfacing of copper alloy, stainless steel
The body sealing ring
High quality nitrile rubber/stainless steel + flexible graphite layers
Valve shaft material
Stainless steel, carbon steel with stainless steel sleeve
Fill in the material
V-shaped sealing ring, flexible graphite
Shaft sleeve
The steel back of polyformaldehyde composite materials
Note: can use other relevant standards and foreign standards, the flange size can be made according to user requirements, but should be in the order stated in the contract

二, The product description and connection size

This valve electrical control system according to the main logic element class is divided into regular and PLC intelligent control, the factory necessary for normal commonly, need to type PLC intelligent control to when ordering. Each type and the following several main conditions:

Open valve working condition of centrifugal pump, including centrifugal mixed flow pump, start the pump and delay after the scheduled time open valve, or valve opened at the same time.

Centrifugal pump shut valve: the valve closed to a certain point of view, and then stop the pump. Or the pump valve with clearance.

Open valve working condition of axial flow pump, including axial mixed flow pump, pump valve at the same time open, or open the valve to a certain point of view, first to start the pump again.

Axial flow pump shut valve: valve closed

: to open the bypass valve valve working condition of hydraulic turbine balance pressure, then open valve.

Close the valve working condition of hydraulic turbine, the main valve closed at the same time open the bypass valve, to the main valve closed bypass valve when fitted.

This valve are equipped with local control circuits of the electric control system and remote control circuits. Local control loop is mainly used in commissioning, normal work is using a remote control circuits.

Pump power for AC380V, uninterrupted power supply for control DC220V AC220V, DC110V etc, or other power supply level.

三, Heavy hammer type hydraulic control slow closing butterfly valve

This product is mainly composed of valve body, hydraulic station, driving device, electric cabinet and other parts.

1, the valve body by the valve body, disc, valve stem, seals and other parts;

2, the valve body adopts horizontal structure, the valve stem with long axis or half shaft structure;

3, the main sealing form is divided into:

triple eccentric metal hard seal (multi-level), namely stainless steel piece - graphite layer pads (or asbestos mat).

double eccentric rubber soft seal, that is, using high quality rubber seal.

4, hydraulic station, including motor, oil pump, solenoid valve, throttle valve, stop valve, pressure relays accumulator and hydraulic components. Hydraulic station is the main pressure source valve, runtime for the filling pressure in cylinder oil, provides a dynamic opening and closing of the valve, and execute the logic of valve movement, and is equipped with accumulator prolong the holding time. Heavy hammer type automatic pressure maintaining system, the accumulator do pressure compensation.

Lock type heavy hammer type automatic pressure maintaining system. Pressure accumulator system of compensation and the back of the lock cylinder lock

Flow control valve used for speed regulation valve switch.

Manual pump for system debugging and special conditions of opening and closing of the valve.

Electromagnetic valve control hydraulic system features are generally positive role type, i.e., the electromagnetic valve loss point butterfly open valves, electric butterfly valve; The opposite of reaction type. A quick point, electromagnetic valve, close the valve to open valve solenoid valve shall not electricity. Loss of electric valves remain in place. Conventional supporting used for turbine inlet valve, hydraulic control system for the reaction type, type the rest of the working condition of the positive role. If you have different options should be in order

Heavy hammer type hydraulic system and hydraulic control valve valve can be installed in a whole, may also be fission installation.

Heavy hammer type hydraulic control butterfly valve hydraulic station

1. motor 2. accumulator 3. pressure gauge 4. manual pump 5. integrated block 6. the electromagnetic valve 7. the fuel tank 8. the access door 9. level meter

四, The contour map

1.the heavy hammer components 2.locking cylinder 3.the valve body 4.the butterfly plate 5.hydraulic station 6.travel switch 7.electric cabinet 8.oil cylinder

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