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Product Details
Bi-directional sealing butterfly valve
Bi-directional sealing butterfly valve
The bi-directional sealing valve is developed based on the triple eccentirc metal seated butterfly valve .
1.Designed with bidirectional sealing structure,the valve can be installed at any sides ; one set valve 's function is the same as two set of valves ,it reduced the cost .
2.Since the metal sealed butterfly valve is offered with self-sealing device,reliable sealing performance can be realized under the pressure from medium;
3.The really metal seated butterfly valve in the world ,longer life time
4.The unique semi ball sealing structure ,as well as the sphere-conical sealing surface of the valve seat,makes for shear force . The solid particle will be crushed when the bidirectional sealing butterfy valve is opened .
5.Large size can be fabricated ,the max size is DN3000;
Technical Parameters
Body material : WCB
Sealing material: Hard alloy
Connection type: Flange
Operating type: Electirc
Size : DN1000
Pressure: PN1.6MPa
Municipal Engineering
Circulating water system in power plant
Circulating water system in chemical plant
This kind of special butterfly valve can be used at inlet or outlet of the water pump,piping network system,recovery stem,high water tank,sewage system and the back flow prevention to shut off or control the large pipeline.
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