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PTFE/PFA Lined Gate Valve (Z41F)
PTFE/PFA Lined Gate Valve (Z41F)
PTFE/PFA Lined Gate Valve (Z41F)
PTFE/PFA Lined Gate Valve is epecially designed for controlling the usual corrosive medium. Its body inner surface is lined with fluorine plastic like FEP/PTFE/PTFE or some other kinds of rubber. It is commonly used in the power generation, brewing, water and food industries and suitable for both gaseous and liquid service. Typically applied in chemical/petrochemical process, food and beverage, and pulp and paper etc. It features ease of maintenance, repeatable on-off, long life durability. PTFE lined butterfly valve is with bi-directional flow and since the valve port corresponds to the piping diameter, a high flow capacity is guaranteed.
PTFE/PFA Lined Gate Valve (Z41F) STANDARD
Design and manufacture standard: GB12235
Face to face dimension: GB12221
Flange dimension standard: JB/T 79, ANSI B16.5, DIN 2543, JIS B2020
PTFE/PFA Lined Gate Valve (Z41F) MATERIAL
Body Material: WCB
Ball Material: WCB
Lining material: Fluorine plastic ( FEP, PTFE, PFA) or Rubber
Lining Layer: Electrospark detecting
Test Standard: GB/T 13927, API 598
Nominal pressure : PN ( MPA)
Body test pressure: PNX1.5
Seal Test Pressure: PNX1.1
Body Carbon steel,stainlesssteel,ultra low carbon stainless steel
Bonnet Carbon steel,stainlesssteel,ultra low carbon stainless steel
Lining Fluorine plastic
Wedge Carbon steel core fully covered with fluorine plastic
Yoke Carbon steel
Stem 2Cr13,1Cr18Ni9,partially covered with fluorine plastic
Handwheel Cast iron,carbon steel
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