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WZr3 zirconium tungsten electrodes
0.3% Zirconiated tungsten electrodes (AWS classification EWZr-3) ,which contain a minimum of 99.10% tungsten and .15 to .40% zirconium, is most commonly used for AC welding because it balls up well in AC welding and has a more stable arc compared to EWP or Pure Tungsten. Its current carrying capability is equal to or greater than 2% thoriated tungsten electrodes. Under no circumstances is zirconiated recommended for DC welding.
In AC welding ,especially under high load current, 0.3% Zirconiated tungsten electrodes can not be replaced by any other tungsten electrode. Out technical staff have been engaged in R%D thousand times and succeeded in solving the conflicts between zirconium content and processing. This electrode is suitable for magnesium, aluminum and their alloy.
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