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V process casting machine

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V process casting machine
V process casting machine
Production Description of New condition swing bolster casting sand mould equipment:

General Information: swing bolster casting sand mould equipment is called vacuum seal casting molding equipments Line. It is a kind of dry sand casting molding machine which adopts no adhesive. Based on the pressure produced by the vacuum pump, it takes use of the EVA film to make a vacuum sealed condition. Then the dry sand will be tightened, and getting a mould. The finished casting’s quality is very good after pouring. Our Vacuum Process Casting Molding Machine Line has been ranked as Clearner Production Directory because of its high sand recovery rate, high material utilization as well as its eco-friendly advantage. So far, Vacuum Process Casting Molding Machine Line has been successfully applied in the construction machinery counter weight, petroleum machinery(including crank, reduction case, counterweight),belt pullery, swing bolster, axle, brake drum, piano plane, manhole cover, high manganese steel lining board.

1.heat eva film
2.cover the film on the mould
3.spray a coating in a certain baume degree
4.put on the on empty flask
5.put sand on the flask
6.cover the film on the full flask
7.vacuate the sand flask and lift the mould
9.loose the sand mould

Features and Advantage of New condition swing bolster casting sand mould equipment:
1. produce burr-free castings without draft angle, thus minimized machining
2. achieve a highly reproducible moulding result within narrow tolerances
3. increase dimensional accuracy in comparison to other sand moulding process
4. reduce shrinkage porosity of casting
5. achieve flat surface geometries without bending and without cracks
6. control the cooling process by activating/deactivating the vacuum
(reduction of residual stress and elimination of shrinkage holes)
7. cast outstanding surface qualities
8. reduce pattern wear (partially use of wooden patterns possible)
9. reduce life-cycle equipment cost compared to chemical-bound moulding
10.increase output compared to chemcial-bound moulding by degree of automation
11.reduce environmental impacts (no sand reclamation plant, less sand losses)
12.eliminate gases from cores and metal during pouring to gain tight micro structures

Summary of New condition swing bolster casting sand mould equipment:
A. Higher Quality B. Lower Cost C. Protect Environment

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