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ZK linear vibrating screen for mining

Product Details

ZK linear vibrating screen for mining
ZK linear vibrating screen, linear movement, suitable for coal preparation, coal washing, dressing, power and other industries, the fine grained material, dry and wet sieving, can also be dehydration
Stripping and desliming.

The principle of work:
Linear vibrating screen are seat mounted. The utility model is characterized in that the utility model adopts a double shaft vibration exciter, the motor does not participate in the vibration, and the two motors are driven to rotate synchronously with the action, so that the screen body can make periodic reciprocating motion along a straight line direction, thereby achieving the purpose of screening.

Performance characteristics:
1. Processing capacity, screening efficiency is higher.
2. The structure is more simple.
3. The operation is simple, the failure rate is the lowest.
4. Low equipment cost, reduce energy consumption.

Structure introduction:
ZK series linear vibrating screen is mainly composed of screen box, exciter, supporting device and motor. The screen box is supported by a rubber spring on the support, and the two shafts of the exciter are respectively driven by two asynchronous motors.
1.The screen box for space metal structure of high strength bolt connection, mainly composed of side plates, plus strong plate, reinforcing plate, beam, beam, beam, head out to strengthen the sieve plate etc.. Bearing truss girders, for supporting fastening sieve plate; extend and support head beam device is used to support the entire screen is connected with the side of the box; all parts are made of torsional shear type high strength bolt; plate adopt stainless steel plate, high porosity, good abrasion resistance, as if the slime screen is installed on one. Layer composite filter on the sieve plate, simple and convenient.
2. The exciter is a double eccentric block type vibrator. The exciting force is strong and the amplitude can be adjusted in a certain range. It is mainly composed of a main shaft, bearing, bearing seat, eccentric block, fan, protective cover, vibration exciter spindle supported on two roller bearings, which is arranged on the eccentric block and the counterweight. Two the angle of the exciter eccentric block of sieve vibration direction. The main function of the fan is to promote the flow of air in the protective cover to reduce the working temperature of the bearing.
3. the supporting device adopts rubber damping spring, mainly composed of a gland, upper bearing, rubber spring and the lower supporting seat. On the cover and the upper supporting seat and out of the screen box beam head with bolts connected on the supporting seat and the supporting seat is arranged between the rubber spring and rubber spring has the advantages of long service life, low noise, parking is stable and fast and reliable. The lower supporting seat is fixed on the mounting base, and the inclination angle of the screen surface can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the gasket on the lower supporting seat.

Operation and maintenance operating points :
1.The operator should check the equipment before work. Check the lubrication condition of the exciter, the tension of the screen, the tightening of bolts and the damage of the sieve surface.
2.A start should follow the process system order: empty parking should be started before the material on the sieve net before parking, parking is prohibited with material feeding to sieve.
3.In a work, to use visual and auditory examination of exciter and screen box work, touch the bearing cover by hand near the parking, check the bearing temperature rise.
4.Screen is high speed equipment, sieve operation inspection personnel to maintain a safe distance.

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