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Product Details
Aluminum Cake Pan
Bake your cakes, desserts, or deep dish pizzas in this round aluminum pan. Made of durable 19 gauge (0.9 mm thick) aluminum, this pan firmly supports your entrees or desserts during preparation and baking. Plus, the material evenly distributes heat throughout the pan, avoiding burnt or undercooked cakes or pizzas. Straight sides enable you to create cakes with perfectly smooth edges or deep dish pizzas with supportive crusts holding in all the gooey toppings. This pan's petite pan size is perfect for individual serving pizzas, small cakes for layering, or warm chocolate chip cookie cakes for ice cream sundaes.

XCCP-06Dia 6"Aluminum 30032"/3"8/12√
XCCP-07Dia 7"Aluminum 30032"/3"8/12
XCCP-08Dia8"Aluminum 30032"/3"8/12
XCCP-09Dia 9''Aluminum 30032"/3"8/12
XCCP-10Dia 10''Aluminum Alloy2"/3"8/12
XCCP-12Dia 12''Aluminum 30032"/3"8/12
XCCP-14Dia 14''Aluminum 30032"/3"8/12
XCCP-16Dia 16''Aluminum 30032"/3"8/12
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