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Product Details
PET Flakes PET Flakes
Product Technical Specifications
1-From pre and/or post consumed bottles.
2-Hot washed clear color and/or mixed with 10 - 15% maximum light blue only.
3-PVC 100 ppm max or less.
4-Moisture 0 – 0.5% max.
5-IV 0.7 – 0.84.
6-Melting Temp. 255 o C + 5 o C.
7-No labels, caps or rings.
8-Flakes size 12 – 14 mm according to your request.
9-Free from non PET materials like metal, glass, etc……
10-Washing procedures: 2 steps of hot wash with caustic soda, two steps with high speed friction washers and three steps of running cold water.
11-Drying with two steps; centrifugal dryer and hot air dryer.
12-Packaging in 40 kg small bags or 500 – 1000 Kg Jumbo bags.
13-40” HC Container to be loaded with 22 MT + or – 5%.
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