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Full Welded Ball Valve
Full Welded Ball Valve
Full Welded Ball Valve
Full Welded Ball Valve
Full Welded Ball Valve
City Gas: Gas outlet pipe, supply pipe for main line and all brach lines etc.
District heat supply: Outlet pipe, main line and brach line for large heat supply equipment.
Heat exchanger: On-off of pipe and all loops.
Steel plant: Various fluid pipes, discharging pipe for exaust gas, supply pipe for gas, thermal power and fuel.
Various industrial equipment: Various heat treatment pipes, pipe for all kinds of industrial gas and thermal power.
Outer leakage won't occur for welded ball valve.
Valve seat consists of teflon sealing ring strengthened by carbon fiber and belleville spring, so it can adjust well to change on pressure and temperature without any leakage risk within marked pressure and temperature range.
The whole process of sphere is tracked and detected with advanced computer and detector, so the process precision is very high, operation is very simple and easy, no bad interference.
Body material is same as material of pipe, when vehicles pass through the groud or even earthquake happens, the stress is evenly distributed without any deformation risk.
Sealing ring is made of PTFE containling 20% carbon, Ensure no leakage will happen.
Buried ground fully welded ball valve can be installed in small and shallow well being set on ground rather than large valve well, so the construction cost and project time can be saved a lot.
The length of valve body and height of stem can be designed in accordance with the requirement of project.
The service life can be more than 15 years when used at normal operational and using conditions.
Main Parts and Materials.
No. Part NamePart Material
1-1. Welding endSteel St 37.0
1-2. Female endSteel St 52/St 37.0
1-3. FlangeSteel R St 37-2
2. Belleville spring65 Mn
3. BodySteel St 37.0
4. BallCF8
5. SeatPTFE, 20% C
6. Back-up ring2Cr13
7. Friction packingPTFE, 20% C
8. O-ringViton
9. O-ringEPDM
10. GasketSt 37.0
11. PinSteel
12. Stem nutSteel
13. Back-up ringPTFE, 20% C
14. Stem guideSteel St 52
15. Stem2Cr13
16. HandleSteel
Main External Dimensions.
150LB/300LB/600LB/900LB Lever Operated Reduced Bore Fully Welded Ball Valve (GAQ61PPL)
1 1/432159852602542.260
1 1/240230953003248.376
2 1/2653001593005076.1114
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