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soft magnetic iron bar SUYB-1

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soft magnetic iron bar SUYB-1
soft magnetic iron bar SUYB-1
High purity iron billet,electric steel, electric magnetic iron, ultra low carbon magnetic iron bar,soft magnetic iron bar SUYB-1, Pure iron(SAE AMS 7707C Iron) ingot iron, iron billet,soft iron, Armco Pure iron, iron remelt ingot, Melting Grade Pure Iron Billet, ASTM A848 magnetic iron(alloy 1), Iron Cathode,were supplied by us, The chemical composition and physics characteristics, such as the coercive force is better than the International Standard. Our fabrication plant is equipped with large cutting machine, shearing machine, sawing machine, punch, lathe, mill machine, annealing furnace, and rattle barrel to meet the different needs of users. We check and audit the quality according to the quality certificate strictly.
Trademark B-A
Chemical composition %,max
C 0.003 Si 0.01 Mn 0.20 P 0.012 S 0.006 Al 0.15-0.50 Cr 0.02 Ni 0.01 Cu 0.02
Trademark B-AA
Chemical composition %,max
C 0.002 Si 0.006 Mn 0.12 P 0.007 S 0.001 Al 0.15-0.50 Cr 0.02 Ni 0.01 Cu 0.005
Trademark B-B:
C 0.003 Si 0.01 Mn 0.13 P 0.009 S 0.006 Cr 0.02 Ni 0.02 Al 0.03 Cu 0.02
Trademark B-BC:
C 0.002 Si 0.01 Mn 0.08 P 0.006 S 0.005 Cr 0.01 Ni 0.01 Al 0.01 Cu 0.01
Trademark B-CC:
C 0.002 Si 0.003 Mn 0.02 P 0.005 S 0.005 Cr 0.01 Ni 0.01 Al 0.005 Cu 0.004
Trademark B-CD:
C 0.002 Si 0.002 Mn 0.0005 P 0.0015 S 0.003 Al 0.002 Ni 0.005 Cr 0.002 Cu 0.0015

Type mm :
Medium plate and steel billet 8-250 ,plate coil 12-25 ,straight round steel dia6.5-dia300 ,round steel coil,cold drawn plate coil 0.5-2.5 tube,etc.
We can produce the special type which you ask


a.make it in electric core.heel piece, gag bit in electric appliance device,telecommunication
b.Electric core of electric iron
c.Electromagnetic part of instruments and meters
d.Iron core and shell of direct-current dynamo
e.Electric part or magnetic part for car,tractor,lathe
f.Magnetic shielding apparatus

1 .good electromagnet character.Coercive force(Hc)low,high magnetic permeability. high saturation induction density Bs .stable magnet and no magnetic aging
2 high pure,electric pure iron,is full killed steel,refine,so the density is high,average,good,little gas, this is a reliable condition that customer simplify and cut down the anneal process of the parts.
3 cold drawn,hot roll,forge.Cold process,these is no problem such as lathe,drill,punch,bend,drawn.Hot process,such as forge,roll,there is little redsear sensibility,it is a good condition for doing in a large degree scope.
International standard
trademarkcoercive force Hc A/m oe
not more thancoercive force aging Hc A/m oe
not more thanMax.magnetic conductivity H/m Gs/Oe * not less thanmagnetic strength T Gs not less than
B-A48.0 0.6 4.8 0.06 11.3
9000 B200B300B500B1000B2500B5000B10000
12000 1.30
13000 1.40
14000 1.50
15000  1.62
16200 1.71
17100  1.80
magnetic aging: keep 100 degree for 100 hours or Condition is 790 degree after 2 hours, after cooling with the furnace.

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