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21.3inch 5MP Monochrome grayscale medical display lcd monitor

Product Details
21.3inch 5MP Monochrome grayscale medical display lcd monitor
1.5MP grayscale medical monitor
2.support 4096 grayscales
4.comply with Dicom standard
Product features:

1.5million pixel professional color LCD panel
2.Image delicate, precise display of digitized video films and so on
3.Unique zoom mode, adjustment based on the proportion of any image, without through the third-party software
4.IPS wide-angle technology, show flat four wide angle
5.Unique black and white mode. blue screen mode and lamp mode option
6.Built-in DISOM mode selection
7.More Gamma Curve adjustment
8.Grayscale(Grayscale) management
9.DISCOM GSDF and brightness standard
10.Intimate design, anti-bacterial coating, prevent the spread of germsProduct specifiction:
Product parameter
Technology:21.3-inch, Monochrome, TFT active matrix
Display Area:422.4mm x 337.9mm
Pixel Pitch:0.165mm x 0.165mm
Contrast Ratio: 800:1 (typ)
Maximum Luminance: 750cd/m2 (typ)
Viewing Angle: 170° horizontal and vertical (typ)
Available Resolution: 2048 x 2560, 2560 x 2048
Grayscale: 11.9bit (3826 shades of gray) to 256 shades of gray
Simultaneous: display of 11bit (2048 shades of gray) is possible with the customized viewer.
Input Sync Signal: DVI 1.0 compliant
Plug and Play: DDC2B compliant
Input: AC Adapter 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption: 80W (typ), (with power management feature)
Calibration Control: Luminance, Gamma, Capability of saving 3 sets of LUT settings (An optional calibration kit is required.)
OSD Information Display Model name, Serial No., Total operating time, Calibration settings (Operating time from Last Calibration, Luminance, Gamma, etc.), Current luminance, etc.

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