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Product Details
sunlight readable,Outdoor Digital Signage LED Display
sunlight readable,Outdoor Digital Signage LED Display
l. Using our patented ultra-bright side LED backlight, LCD screen brightness can be up to 1500nits (roughly 5 times of standard products)
2. Broad working temperature ranging from -20°C to +50°C
3. No condensation on the screen surface under low temperature and humid environments
4. Automatic light sensor control. Automatically adjust brightness according to ambient luminance (enhance the product life and energy-saving )
5. Bright color display, resolution up to 1920*1080
6. Patented high brightness LED backlight heat dissipation structure
7. Excellent energy-saving cooling system
8. Outdoor all-weatherproof and dustproof metallic casing and anti-reflection glass
9. Clear and vivid display can be seen under strong direct sunlight
l0. weatherproof, dustproof and broad temperature adaptability designed to sustain all-weather harsh environments.

Integrated PC:
l. High-performance computer processor inside
2. Standard 1G dual-channel memory and 160G high-speed vibration-proof harddisk in side
3. Keyboard and mouse with USB interface + network interface

Outdoor Digital Signage Player
(All weather, sunlight readable, Super High Brightness, Waterproof, dustproof)
Contrast Ratio: 4000:1
Brightness:1000- 1700cd/m2 (maximum)
Optional:Outdoor IR touch-screen,integrated PC
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