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Deflocculation type dispersant for inorganic pigments, especially for TiO2,lower viscosity and enhance gloss in solvent and UV-curing systems.
BrandVeryDispersTagsuniversal wetting and dispersing agent, especially for inorganic pigment and fillers dispersing,alternative to B*K-111
Deflocculation dispersant for inorganic pigments, especially for TiO2,lower viscosity and raise gloss in solvent and UV system, for paint and ink.
BrandVeryDispersTagsuniversal wetting and dispersing agent, alternative to B*K-110/996,E*Ka-5010/4010/4011
Alternative to B*K P104S, for solvent-borne systems. Used in wetting and stabilizing of pigments and to against settling,sagging and flooding/floating in solvent-borne systems.
BrandVeryDispersTagsuniversal wetting and dispersing agent , anti-flooding/ floating, alternative to B*K-ATU
Especially for inorganic pigment dispersing, lower viscosity, enhance gloss and tinting strength in system. For solvent systems paint and coating.
BrandVeryDispersTagsuniversal wetting and dispersing agent , anti-flooding/ floating, alternative to B*K-ATU
water-borne resin for gravure and flexo ink and OPV, as well as wood coatings.
BrandVeryCopcrylTagsagainst BASF joncryl, acrylate resin, gravure and flexo ink, OPV,cost-efficient solution
Product Competiton Grade Properties & ApplicationsVeryCryl-6017 Joncryl 617 Film forming resin under indoor temperature, with high gloss and anti-slip/block performance, used for OPV and ink.
BrandVeryCopcryl/VeryUrpolyTagsStyrene Acrylic resin and mulsion,Acrylate copolymer,PU emulsion
Zhengzhong Enamel (Shijiazhuang Zhengzhong Technology Co.,Ltd) is the high technology enterprise located in Shijiazhuang, China. Since 1989, our company has been engaged in produci...
BrandzhenghzongTagsenamel frits, powder and pigment
Fischer Tropsch Wax HSFT-105HPACKING :25 KG Valve bag / 980KG Jumbo bag Features: High melting point, High stability, Low Viscosity, Low oil contentApplications: In PVC processing ...
BrandHSXYTagsFischer Tropsch Wax,Synthesis Wax,FT Wax
SIO2, %: 30±1; NA2O, %: ≤0.40; PH:9.0~10.5; Viscosity at 20℃,:4.3-5.5 cp; SP.GR at 20℃: 1.19~1.21; Particle Size: 8~10 nm.
BrandJINWEITagscolloidal silica
We are the leading producer of colloidal silica in China.Have supplying for investment casting over 30 years.Product specifications:SIO2, %: 30±1NA2O, %: ≤0.40PH: 9.0~10.5Viscosity at 20℃ : 4.
BrandJINWEITagsinvestment casting
Tricarboxylic Acid Corrosion Inhibitor Cas 80584-91-42,4,6-Tri-(6-aminocaproic acid)-1,3,5-triazine cas 80584-91-4 corrosion inhibitorXP 50, an organic polycarboxylic acid, is a wa...
BrandXipengTagsTriacarboxylic Acid corrosion inhibitor,Irgacor L190plus
Chlorinated paraffin-52 cas 63449-39-8Product features:Water white or light yellow viscous liquid. Average molecular formula is C15H26Cl6, average molecular weight is 419.09.It is inflammable, non-explosive, non-volatile and non-toxic.
BrandXipengTagsChlorinated paraffin-52,
PIBSA1000 is a lubricant additive intermediate prepared from high reactive polyisobutylene (Mn=1000) by thermal adduction process. The ashless dispersant produced from PIBSA1000 po...
A-33 is a liquid catalyst containing 33% triethylenediamine (TEDA). This highly active tertiary amine catalyst promotes the reaction between isocyanate and polyol and crosslinks the foam.
BrandXipengTagstriethylenediamine TEDA, TEDA33
Fischer Tropsch Wax HSFT-70 PACKING :25 KG Valve bag / 980KG Jumbo bag HSFT-70 take the place of Shell SX70 and Honeywell RL-165Features: Narrow Molecular weight Distribution, Fine...
BrandHSXYTagsFischer Tropsch Wax,Synthesis Wax,FT Wax
High quality LCCP Plasticizer chlorinated Paraffin L25 Chloroalkanes C18-281.Name: Chlorinated paraffin L252. Color: White and light yellow oily viscous liquid3. Type Additive / Flame Retardant / Plasticizer4.
BrandXipengTagsLCCP,chlorinated Paraffin,Plasticizer
Nitrocellulose solution(H & L type) is an easy-to-use product filtered from a mixture of nitrocellulose and solvents in definite proportion. It is light yellow and in liquid form. ...
BrandHSNCTagsNC solution exporter
ItemNitrogen percentageUnitIndicatorModelConcentrationSolid contentH1/211.5%-12.2%%25%24~27H1/2%30%29~32H1/4%30%29~32H1/4%35%34~37H1/8%30%29~32H1/8%35%24~37H1/16%30%29~32H1/16%35%34~38H5%20%19~22H15%20%19~22H20%20%19~22H30%20%19~22.
BrandHSNCTagsIndustrial Nitrocellulose
Nitrocellulose(NC1, H & L type) is a resin widely used in the production of paints and varnishes, delivering ease of application and fast drying properties to those products.HeShuo...
BrandHSNCTagsNitrocellulose exporter
Nitrocellulose chips (NC, H & L type) is small white flaky that can be liquefied in organic solvents such as ketone, esters,alcohol etc. Its density is 1.34g/m³.Its explosion point is 157℃.
BrandHSNCTagsNitrocellulose Chips exporter