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Chemical Name 2-MercaptobenzothiazoleMolecular Structure Molecular Formula C7H5NS2Molecular Weight 167.26CAS No. 149-30-4Specifications GB/T 11407-2003 Item Specifications1st grade...
BrandkonsonTagsrubber accelerator
Chemical Name Tetramethyl Thiuram DisulfideMolecular Structure Molecular Formula C6H12N2S4Molecular Weight 240.41CAS No. 137-26-8Specifications Q/KES018-2007ItemSpecifications1st g...
BrandkonsonTagsrubber accelerator,rubber chemical
Chemical Name N-cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazole SulfenamideMolecular Structure Molecular Formula C13H16N2S2Molecular Weight 264.4CAS No. 95-33-0Specifications HG/T 2096-2006Item Specifi...
BrandKonsonTagsrubber accelerator
General Silicone Rubber Mold with Condensation or Addition Type.
The company is an integrated enterprise that specializes in the production, management and sales of silica fume and supply of relevant technical service. Our products are widely us...
BrandNewreachTagsmicrosilica, silica fume, nanosilica
EPDM Rubber Granules are primary made by raw EDPM polymers,rubber softening oils,calcium carbonates. Our raw EPDM polymers are imported mainly which ensure the high quality.The pro...
BrandAPROTagsEPDM GRANULE, GYM FLOOR,rubber roll, gym tile
Newreach Microsilica Grade NR95 is dry silica fume available in two main forms: g Undensified -NR95U,with a typical bulk density of 200350kg/m3 g Densified-NR95D, with a typical bu...
BrandNewreachTagsmicrosilica, silica fume, nanosilica
What materials are there for belt vulcanizing joint ? When we do conveyor belt joint , what we first do is to choose materials.Though there are many kinds of materials on domestic market, it is not an easy thing to choose one suitable kind.
RUBBER ANTIOXIDANT TMQ(RD)Chemical name: Polymerized 2,2.4-trimethyl-1.2-dihydroquinoline Molecular formula: (C12H15N)n Molecular weight: (173.26)n Properties: it is low-molecular polymer.
what high bonding glue should we use to coat drum ? Under the influence of the conveyor belt pulling force and friction for a long time,it is easy that the surface to be weared and the glue become non-stick.
The bonding methods for pulley lagging splicing glueMany people consults the bonding methods for pulley lagging splicing glue, before analyzing the bonding methods,let us judge whi...
What high strength bonding glue should we use for bonding conveyor belt ? Conveyor belt which transfer materials in industry and mining easily slip and is damaged ,such as be scrat...
Belt cold splicing glueBefore we choose glue, let us has a brief understanding on belt cold splicing joint.Belt cold splicing joint, which means we sealed the joint with cold splic...
The choice for belt cold bonding glueWhen we talk about glue, first of all, we will check about belts that can bond, then we can talk about the cold bonding glue afterwards.As we a...
conveyor belt bonding repair cover rubber . Conveyor belt repair cover rubber, in fact , it is the substitute of repair strip . why we say this ? because the main usage and application of cover rubber is same with repair strip's .
Brand55555Tagscover rubber
Conveyor belt repair adhesiveRepair strip is the material during conveyor belt repair, mainly used for conveyor belt partly damage and long distance puncture repair, so the quality...
BrandSk313TagsConveyor belt repair adhesive
Conveyor belt repair glue- choose belt glue SK313When choose glue for repairing belt, not only we have to choose stable, high intensive, easy brushing and fast drying glue, but als...
Brandsk313Tagsbelt glue
Product description:Item: CR rubber auto timing belt / synchronous belt / transmission beltMaterial: CR rubberCord: Polyester fibreColor: BlackTooth type: ZA ZB YU RU S8M RPPApplicatin: Power transmission.
BrandBoruiteTagstiming belt, synchronous belt
Product description:Item: CR rubber ph pj pk pl pm dpk dpj poly v belt / rib beltMaterial: CR rubberCord: Polyester fibreColor: BlackSize: ph pj pk pl pm dpk dpjApplicatin: Power transmission.
BrandBoruiteTagsrib belt, poly v belt, pk belt
Product description:Item: CR rubber raw edge cogged v beltMaterial: CR rubberCord: Polyester fibreColor: BlackSize: ZX AX BX CX XPZ XPA XPB XPC 3VX 5VX 8VXApplicatin: Power transmission.
BrandBoruiteTagsv belt, rib belt, pk belt, timing belt, fan belt, poly v belt