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Photoluminescent PaintJinan Realglow glow in the dark paint are made of photoluminescent pigment and good quality water base acrylic acid material.After absorbing visible light for...
BrandRealglowTagsphotoluminescent paint, pigments in paint, luminous paint, powdered paint pigments
Photoluminescent MasterbatchJinan Realglow Photoluminescent masterbatch are made of Realglow photoluminescent pigment and good quality plastic materials,such as ABS,PE,PP masterbat...
BrandRealglowTagsluminous masterbatch, masterbatch glow, ornamental masterbatch, photochromic masterbatch, masterbatch glow in dark
Photoluminescent Aluminum SheetJinan Realglow Photoluminescent aluminum sheet are made of Realglow photoluminescent pigment and good quality aluminum sheet.After absorbing visible ...
BrandRealglowTagsglow Aluminum Sheet, luminescent AluminumSheet
Photoluminescent Rigid SheetJinan Realglow Photoluminescent rigid sheet are made of Realglow photoluminescent pigment and good quality PVC material.After absorbing visible light fo...
BrandRealglowTagsphotochromic sheets, luminous sheet, glowing sheets
Photoluminescent TapeJinan Realglow Photoluminescent Tape are made of glow in the dark pigment and good quality PVC material.After absorbing visible light for 10-30 minutes,the glo...
BrandRealglowTagsglow tape
Photoluminescent GravelRealglow photoluminescent gravel is a synthetic aggregate, based on Realglow pigment and synthetic resin. When exposed to light sources, the photoluminescent gravel becomes chemically excited and will afterglow (i.
BrandRealglowTagsgravel driveway, decorative gravels, gravel for gardens, ornamental gravel, pea gravels
Photoluminescent PigmentRealglow yellow green color photoluminescent pigment are based on Strontium Aluminate,they could glow more than 20 hours.We could offer the glow in the dark...
BrandRealglowTagsphotoluminescent pigment, photoluminescent pigments, luminous pigment, glow pigments, glow pigment powders
Photoluminescent SandJinan Realglow photoluminescent sand is produced mainly from the rare earth elements through a special technology,the sand can glow in the dark for up 20 hours after its 10-minute exposure to a visible light source.
BrandRealglowTagsluminescent sands, phosphorescent sand, Photoluminescent Sand, glowing sands
We supply from our well-known brand in China very high quality titanium dioxide rutile and anatas grades at competitive prices. We welcome your inquiries.
BrandWell-known brand in ChinaTagsTitanium Dioxide
Our factory in China is a top producer of all types of graphite electrodes UHP,HP,graphite rods,etc.Our products are very high quality meeting our customers' requirements. We welcome your inquiries.
BrandRAYTagsGraphite Electrodes
We supply all types of very high quality steel products including sheets,coils,bars,tubes,pipes,etc.from well-known mills in China. We welcome your inquiries.
BrandWell-known brands in ChinaTagsSteel
We supply very high quality natural rubber and synthetic rubber from well-known brands in Thailand,Indonesia,Vietnam,and Malaysia at competitive prices. We welcome your inquiries.
BrandThailand,Indonesia,Vietnam,MalaysiaTagsNatural Rubber
Normal GradeUG5605UG5607UG835UG836Heatstable GradeUPT56More details, please contact with me.Thank you!.
Normal GradeUZ610UZ686UZ663Heatstable GradeUPT645More details, please contact with me.Thank you!.
Normal GradeUB330UB318UB750UB770UB360Paint & Coating GradeUT722UT330Micronized Grade5100BM5140BMFeed Grade500BMFHeatstable GradeUPT303More details, please contact with me.Thank you!.
Normal GradeUY311UY313UY810UY585UY920Construction GradeLY313LY313KMicronized Grade4110YM4120YMFeed Grade400YMFHeatstable GradeUPT420UPT15UPT20More details, please contact with me.Thank you!.
BrandZJUPTagsiron oxide yellow; pigment yellow; 313; 920
Normal GradeUR101UR110UR120UR130UR140UR180UR190Construction GradeLR101LR110LR130LR130CLR130KLR190Micronized Grade3100RMC3110RMC3120RMC3130RM3140RM3150RMFeed Grade300RMFMore details, please contact with me.
BrandZJUPTagsiron oxide red; product red 101; 130, Y101
RUTILE TITANIUM DIOXIDE:DHR-966Production Description:Inorganic Si, Al surface coating, organic surface treating; Good whiteness, good optical property and hiding power, good durability etc.
BrandBluestar/ TINDOWATagsRutile TiO2; Rutile Titanium Dioxide
ANATASE TITANIUM DIOXIDE:DHA-100Production Description:Good whiteness, high tinting strength and hiding power, average partical size distribution.Application:Widely used in many in...
BrandBluestar/ TINDOWATagsTitanium Dioxide; Anatase; TiO2
Fast lake Red C is a barium salt of azo lake and is yellowish red pigment, with good performance. Its main use is offset inks and water based inks. PE, PVC.Product NameTrade Name: Fast lake Red CC.
BrandXCOLORTagsorganic pigment, pigment 53:1, fast lake red