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1.EC-PA18E High Polymer AKD Emulsifier is cationic high polymer product developed by our company. It can be used to completely replace regular starch emulsifier, requires less dosage and realizes higher cost performance.
BrandECTagsakd emulsifier, high polymer emulsifier, akd
1. After emulsification, EC-PA18 AKD wax becomes emulsion - a kind of reactive neutral paper sizing agent, mainly applied on internal sizing of art base paper, copy paper, archival paper, bible paper and quality writting paper.
BrandECTagsakd wax, akd wax 1840, alkyl ketene dimmer, akd
Item No.: EC-TD03Appearance: Reddish Brown Transparent LiquidpH Value: 7.0-9.0Viscosity(mpa.s/25℃): 7000-15000Solubility: Easily soluble in cool waterFixing agent 1. EC-TD03 ...
BrandECTagsfixing agent, dye fixing agent, color fixing agent, dye fixative
Item No.:EC-TD01Appearance: Colorless to lt. yellow transparent viscous liquidSolid Content(%):40±1pH Value: 3.0-7.0Viscosity(mpa.s/25℃):7000-15000Solubility: Easily soluble in cool water1.
BrandECTagsdye fixing agent, fixing agent, color fixing agent, fixing agent textile,dye fixative
Item No.:EC-TF10Composition: Aliphatic acid and aliphatic alcoholAppearance: Milk white flakesIon Type: NonionicpH Value: 7.0-9.0 at 5%-8% solution1. Hydrophilic and good resistance to salt and alkali.
BrandECTagssoftener flakes, nonionic softener flakes, textile softener, softener
Item No.:EC-TF04Composition: Fatty acid and aliphatic alcoholAppearance: Yellowish flakesIon Type: Weak cationicpH Value: 4.0-6.0 at 10% solution1. Low foam, low viscosity.2. Low y...
BrandECTagssoftener flakes, textile softener, cationic softener flakes, cationic softener, softener chemicals
Item No.:EC-TK02Appearance: White particlesIon Type: NonionicpH Value : 5.0-7.0Solubility: Easily soluble in warm water 1. Superior effects of anti back staining and anti washing for jeans wear without losing elasticity.
BrandECTagsanti back staining powder, anti back staining agent, anti staining agent, anti dye
Item No.:EC-TK01Appearance:Beige particlesIon Type:NonionicpH Value:5.0-7.0Solubility: Easily soluble in warm water 1. EC-TK01 is a kind of speical nonionic high-polymer surface ac...
BrandECTagsanti back staining agent, anti staining agent, anti back staining, anti back staining powder
Item No.:EC-TL04Composition:Fat amide ethoxymethyl ammonium compoundAppearance: Yellow viscous liquidIon Type: CationicpH Value: 3.0-6.0 at 5% solutionSolid Content(%): 90±1Solubility: Easily soluble in cool or hot water 1.
BrandECTagstextile softener, softener chemicals, softener oil, softener agent, textile chemicals
Item No.:EC-TL01Composition: Dialiphatic amide ethoxy quaternary ammonium saltAppearance: Yellowish viscous liquidIon Type: CationicpH Value: 3.0-6.0 at 5% solutionSolid Content(%): 90±1Solubility: Easily soluble in cool or hot water1.
BrandECTagssoftener oil, textile softener, cationic softener, softener chemicals, softener agent
Item No.:EC-WA08Appearance: Pale particle or powderFeSO4·H2O content(%): ≥91AS(%):≤0.0001Pb(%):≤0.001Total iron(%):≥30Solubility: Soluble in water,glycerol, insoluble in alcoholApplication scope: 1.
BrandECTagsferrous sulfate monohydrate, ferric sulfate, feso4 h2o, iron sulphate monohydrate, iron ii sulphate
Item No.:EC-WA07Appearance:Lt. green fine particleFeSO4·5H2O content(%):≥98AS(%):≤0.0002Pb(%):≤0.002Total iron(%):≥19.7Solubility: Soluble in water,glycerol, insoluble in alcoholApplication scope: 1.
BrandECTagsfeso4 5h2o,iron sulfate pentahydrate, ferric sulphate water treatment,iron sulfate fertilizer
Item No.:EC-WA06Appearance: Bluish green monoclinic crystalProportion(14.8℃):1.899TiO2 content(%):≤0.75Insoluble content(%): ≤0.75Solubility: Soluble in water,glycerol, insoluble in alcoholApplication scope:1.
BrandECTagsferrous sulfate heptahydrate, iron sulfate heptahydrate,feso4 7h2o, ferrous sulfate heptahydrate fertilizer, ferric sulphate water treatment
Item No.:EC-WA0590, EC-WA0591, EC-WA0592, EC-WA0593, EC-WA0594(oil field only)Appearance: White solid particlesSolid content(%): ≥90Dissolution time (min): ≤90EC-WA05 APAM flocculant is a kind of water-soluble high molecular polymer.
BrandECTagspolyacrylamide, anionic polyacrylamide,flocculant anionic, polyacrylamide flocculant,flocculant agent,
cationic polyacrylamide flocculantItem No.: EC-W0410, EC-W0420, EC-W0430, EC-W0440, EC-W0450, EC-W0460, EC-W0470, EC-W0480Solid Content(%):≥90Applicable pH value :4.0-9.0Mainly...
BrandECTagscationic polyacrylamide, polyacrylamide flocculant, polyacrylamide water treatment, cationic polyacrylamide flocculant, flocculant water treatment
polyaluminium chlorideItem No.:EC-WA03Apperance:Greywish wite powderAl2O3 (%):≥29Besicity(%): 40-90As (%) :≤0.0002Cd (%) :≤0.0002Hg (%) :≤0.00001Cr+6 (%) :≤0.0005...
BrandECTagspolyaluminium chloride, pac coagulant, polyaluminium chloride pac,pac powder,pac chemicals
Polyaluminium chloride PACItem No.:EC-WA02Apperance:Yellow solid particleBesicity(%):60-90pH value (1% aqueous solution):3.5-5.0As(%): ≤0.005Cd(%):≤0.002Hg(%):≤0.00001Cr+6(%: ≤0.0051.
BrandECTagspolyaluminium chloride, pac coagulant,polyaluminium chloride powder,pac powder
polyferric sulfateItem No.:EC-WA01Appearance:Yellow powderTotal Iron Content(%):≥22Reductive Substance Content(%)(count by Fe2+):.
BrandECTagspolyferric sulfate, polyferric sulfate coagulant, coagulant powder,polyferric sulphate
defoaming agentItem No.:EC-PA09Appearance:Milk white or yellowish emulsionpH Value:6.0-7.5Freezing Temperature:0℃Viscosity(mPa·s/25℃):200-500Solubility: Easily soluble in ...
BrandECTagsdefoaming agent, defoamer,anti foam agent, paper defoamer, paper defoaming agent
deinking agent for waste paperItem No.:EC-PA08Appearance:Transparent to yellowish liquidpH Value: 5.5-9.5Solid Content (%): 30±1Ion Type: NonionicSolubility: Easily soluble in cool water1.
BrandECTagsdeinking agent, waste paper deinking agent, paper deinking, paper deinking agent