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Kills harmful bacteria & germs instantly. Non-Sticky Formula. Best to use at home, school, offices and while travelling etc. Handy use without water and soap. Moisturizes and soft on skin.
BrandDaffodils Hand SanitizerTagsHand Sanitizer Manufacturer in pakistan
Daffodils Glass Cleaner is a powerful cleaner. Its formula effectively cuts through grease and grime to leave surfaces sparkling clean. Its kills 99.9% of bacteria and leaves your home smelling fresh and clean.
BrandDaffodils Glass CleanerTagsGlass Cleaner Manufacturer in pakistan
White phenyl finds wide spread use and acceptance as hard surface cleaner for the removal of greasy, oily and fatty soils or various non-porous hard surfaces like bathroom marbles,...
BrandDaffodils White PhenylTagsWhite Phenyl manufacturer in pakistan
LIQUID HAND WASHDaffodils hand wash is a special formula with natural moisturizer over all hand hygiene cleaners for a smooth and soft skin and suitable to whole family. It gently cleans your hands and refresh your skin.
BrandDaffodils Hand WashTagsDaffodils Hand Wash Manufacturer in pakistan
Product Description•Daffodils Surface Cleaner is scientifically formulated to kill 99% of viruses and bacteria. It is effective on all kinds of flooring, be it cement, marble, ti...
BrandDaffodils Surface CleanerTagsSurface Cleaner Manufacturer in pakistan
Detergent powder, or washing powder, is a type of detergent (cleaning agent) that is added for cleaning laundry. While detergent is still sold in powdered form Daffodils Detergent ...
BrandDaffodilsTagsDetergent Powder/washing powder manufacturer in pakistan
Product Name: Calcium Iodate Monohydrate PowderCAS: 7789-80-2Formula: Ca (IO3)2.H2OMolecular Weight: 407.9ItemSpecificationAppearancewhite monoclinic crystalsMelting point °C540Mesh80Purity %61.
BrandSOLARTagsCalcium Iodate
Specifications1.Appearance:white or brown and white cubic crystal or dense powder2.Purity:99.0%min 3.CAS NO:7681-65-4Copper iodine is a white or brown and white cubic crystal or de...
BrandSOLARTagsCuprous Iodide
CAS No.: 74-88-4EINECS No.: 200-819-5Product Name: Methyl iodideOther Name: methyl iodide-iodomethaneMolecular formula: CH3IAppearance and Properties: Colorless liquid, with special odorMolecular weight: 141.
BrandSOLARTagsMethyl Iodide For Medicine
Synonyms:3-(N-Morpholino)propanesulfonic acid sodium salt, 4-Morpholinepropanesulfonic acid sodium salt;3-Morpholino-1-propanesulfonic acid sodium salt;3-Morpholinopropane-1-sulfonic acid sodium salt;MOPS sodium salt ,99.
BrandSOLARTagsMOPS Sodium Salt
Product Name: Povidone iodineChemical Name: Complex of Polyvinylpyrrolidone with Iodine USP/EPName: Povidone Iodine/Povidonum IodinatumCAS NO.: 25655-41-8Properties:Free flowing, r...
BrandSOLARTagsPovidone Iodine
Product Name:Sodium iodideSynonyms:SODIUM IODIDE;UV-VIS STANDARD 3;UV-VIS STANDARD 3: SODIUM IODIDE;Anayodin;Hydriodic acid sodium salt;ioduredesodium;Ioduril;Jodid sodnyCAS:7681-82-5MF:INaMW:149.
BrandSOLARTagsSodium Iodide
Parylene coating contains not only excellent dielectric properties, low dielectric loss and high dielectric strength but also good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. B...
BrandSOLARTagsParylene Application
The basic member of the series, Parylene N, is poly(para-xylylene), a completely linear, highly crystalline material. This parylene coating is a primary dielectric, exhibiting a ve...
BrandSOLARTagsParylene N
Parylene C, the second commercially available member of the Parylene Powder series, is produced from the same raw material (dimer) as Parylene N, modified only by the substitution of a chlorine atom for one of the aromatic hydrogens.
BrandSOLARTagsParylene C
PRODUCT PARAMETERS of Parylene PowderParylene D, the third member of the series, is produced from the same raw material as Parylene N, modified by the substitution of chlorine atoms for two of the aromatic hydrogens.
BrandSOLARTagsParylene D
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BrandDaffoidlsTagsLiquid laundry Detergent In Pakistan
PRODUCT PARAMETERS of our PARYLENE COATINGParylene F, the newest commercially available variant of Parylene Material, replaces the alpha hydrogen atom of the N dimer with fluorine....
BrandSOLARTagsParylene F
Fulvic corrosive is a critical normally happening natural corrosive found in sustenance rich humus the disintegrated matter that structures a layer in the world's outside layer.Know More :http://cosmicchemicals.
BrandCosmic ChemicalsTagsFulvic Acid in Ahmedabad
Another critical element of free amino acids is the presence of both an essential and an acidic gathering at the carbon. Mixes, for example, amino acids that can go about as either a corrosive or a base are called amphoteric.
BrandCosmic ChemicalsTagsAmino Acid in Ahmedabad