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Aluminum sulphate was mainly used in the purification of potable water, industrial sewage, stuff sizing in paper industry, and as clarifying agent in oil production industry, and a...
BrandTonyearTagsAluminium sulfate,water treatment,paper and pulp
we are a professional manufacturer of all kinds of catalysts based on alumina.we hold Iso 9001 & iso 14001 with strict quality control system.we have our lab and cooperate with many chemical institutes, which have strong technical support.
BrandTKXTagsclaus catalyst
we are a professional manufacturer of activated alumina for over 15 years.we hold iso 9001 & iso14001 with strict quality control system. we are the main supplier in China, and als...
BrandTKXTagsactivated alumina for water treatment, fluoride remove
we are a professional manufacturer of active KMnO4 balls for over 15 years. we exports our goods to many countries, getting high reputations among our customers.we are able to supp...
BrandTKXTagsactive potassium permanganate balls, active KMnO4 balls
we are a professional manufacturer of activated alumina for over 15 years. we hold iso 9001 & iso 14001 with strict quality control system. we are the main supplier in China. our products have stable and high quality with competitive price.
BrandTKXTagsactivated alumina balls, activated alumina for air drying
Classification: Antibiotic and antimicrobial agentsCas NO.: 13614-98-7Molecular Formula: C23H28ClN3O7Melting Point: 205-210ºC(dec)Boiling Point: 659.4°Cat760mmHgStability: nullFlash Point: 352.
BrandTianqiuTagsMINOCIN; MYNOCINE; tri-mino; Minoxycline; tri-minocycline; MINOCYCLINE HCL; minocyclinechloride; MINOCYCLINE HYDROCHLORIDE; Minocycline hydrochloride, =98%; Minocycline hydrochloride Solution, 100ppm; 7-DIMETHYLAMINO-6-DEMETHYL-6-DEOXYTETRACYCLINE, HCL; 10,12,12a-tetrahydroxy-1,11-dioxo--monohydrochloride; KlinoMycin, Minocycline chloride, MinoMycin, NSC 141993; [4S-(4alpha,4aalpha,5aalpha,12aalpha)]-4,7-Bis(dimethylamino)-1,4
Classification: Organic AcidCas NO.: 77671-22-8Molecular Formula: C2H4O2Melting Point: 16.6 deg CBoiling Point: 117.9 deg CStability: nullPurity: 98%Appearance: nullusage: FOR FOOD...
BrandTianqiuTagsACY; AcOH; HOAc; C2:0; Orlex; Vosol; Volsol; UN2790; UN2789; MeCOOH; MeCO2H; DB03166; 64-19-7; Vinegar; Aci-jel; HSDB 40; CH3CO2H; LS-2535; LS-1541; CH3-COOH; AC1L18NC; WLN: QV1; AC1Q2BPJ; Acetasol; MO 08470; Ethylate; HMDB00042; NSC406306; ethanoate; TR-022020; AI3-02394; Azijnzuur; NSC132953; CHEMBL539; CCRIS 5952; bmse000817; NSC-132953; A6283_SIAL; NSC-406306; A9967_SIAL; bmse000191; 27225_SIAL; NSC 132953; bmse000857; A89
Classification: Chemical Auxiliary AgentCas NO.: 13775-53-6Molecular Formula: AlF6Na3Melting Point: 1000°CBoiling Point: 19.5oC at 760 mmHgStability: nullRefractive index:1.338Pur...
BrandTainqiuTagsKRYOLITH; CRYOLITE, NA3ALF6; ARTIFICAL CRYOLITE; CRYOLITE, SYNTHETIC; SODIUM ALUMINUM FLUORIDE; ALUMINUM SODIUM FLUORIDE; sodiumfluoroaluminate(3-); sodiumaluminumhexafluoride; aluminumtrisodiumhexafluoride; trisodiumaluminumhexafluoride; hexafluoro-aluminate(3-trisodium; (oc-6-11)-aluminate(3-hexafluoro-trisodium; trisodium,(oc-6-11)-aluminate(3-hexafluoro-; hexafluoro-,trisodium,(OC-6-11)-Aluminate(3-); Aluminate(3-),hexaflu
Classification: Other Inorganic ChemicalsCas NO.: 7784-18-1Molecular Formula: AlF3Melting Point: 250?Boiling Point: 1291?Stability: Stable at room temperature in closed containers under normal storage and handling conditions.
BrandTianqiuTagsAluminiumfluoride1; Aluminium fluoride; Aluminiumfluoridetech; Aluminiumfluorideanhydrous; Aluminum fluoride monohydrate
Classification: OxideCas NO.: 1344-28-1Molecular Formula: Al2O3Melting Point: 2050?Boiling Point: 2980?Stability: nullFlash Point: 2980°CPurity: 99.5%Appearance: white odorless cr...
BrandTianqiuTagsA16; 24A; AL23; AA 2; AA 3; A 13; S320; LA 6; Al2O3; KHP 2; Dural; AC 11; A 13M; AA 03; AA 10; AL 41; AL 33; 202P1; AES-T; AKP-G; AC 11K; AKP 20; A 12-4; A 16UG; AF 115; AKP 53; AL 200; AC 11R; AD 998; AKP 28; A 16SG; AKP-HP; Alon C; Saffie; KA 101; Almite; Diadur; Conopal; Aloxite; Lucalox; Abrasit; DB11342; Abrarex; Alundum; RL01560; Abramax; AES 22S; AG 507C; AL 203C; 1067-2M; AA 400G; AL31-03; AKP 100; AKP 700; AL 15-2; AL
Classification: Leather Auxiliary AgentsCas NO.: 13463-67-7Molecular Formula: O2TiMelting Point: 1855?Boiling Point: 2900?Stability: Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.Refractive index:2.
BrandTianqiuTagsTIO2; E 171; TITANIA; UNITANE; Hombikat; TITAN DIOXIDE; Aeroxide? P25; Titanium Oxide; PIGMENT WHITE 6; Titania nanowires; TITANIUM(+4)OXIDE; TITANIC ANHYDRIDE; Titania nanofibers; Titanium (IV) dioxide; Titanium Dioxide Anatase; Titanium Dioxide modified; =99.5% trace Metals basis; TITANIUM DIOXIDE, ANATASE; Titanium dioxide nanofibers; HoMbikat catalyst grade (for rearrangeMent reactions); TitaniuM(IV) oxide nanopowder, 21 n
LUMINA TRIHYDRATE ( ATH )Of the Common fillers used in Plastics, Rubber, FRP, SMC, DMC moulding and other polymers only Alumina Trihydrate has flame retarding and smoke suppressing properties as well as being an economical resin extender.
BrandChalcoTagsaluminum hydroxide(high whiteness filler,dried)
Product name:Diphenyl dimethoxylsilicaneAbbreviation:DDSMolecular formula:(C6H5)2Si(OCH3)2Molecular weight:244.4Boiling point:191℃(7.06kpa)CAS No.:6843-66-9Use:Polypropylene catalyst, etc.
BrandTL-DDSTagsDDS catalyst, sythetic rubber catalyst
Product name:Aluminium ethyl dichlorideEnglish abbreviation:EADCMolecular formula:C2H5AlCl2Molecula weight:126.95Density:1.22g/cm3 (at30℃)Boiling point:194℃ (760mmHg)CAS No.:56...
Product name:Diethylaluminum chlorideAbbreviation:DEACMolecular formula:(C2H5)2AlClMolecular weight:120.56Density:0.972g/cm3(at25℃)Boiling point:214.1℃(760mmHg)CAS No.:96-10-6U...
BrandTL-DEACTagsDEAC catalyst, polifin catalyst, polimer, alkyl aluminum
Product name:Ethylaluminum sesquichlorideAbbreviation:EASCMolecular formula:(C2H5)3Al2Cl3Molecular weight:247.51Density:1.092g/cm3(at25℃)Boiling point:211.8℃(760mmHg)CAS No.:12...
BrandTLTagschemical catalyst, sythetic rubber catalyst,
Encapsulated ammonium persulfate breakerDESCRIPTIONIt is an encapsulated oxidizing breaker used in hydraulic fracturing applications. It slowly releases ammonium persulfate into the fracturing fluid.
BrandWELINKTagsEncapsulated oxidizing breaker; Ammoium persulfate
Product Description· DADMAC is a high purity, polymer-grade, quaternary ammonium salt and high charge density cationic monomer. Its appearance is colorless and transparent liquid without irritating smell.
Specification:ItemsSpecificationAPPEARANCEwhite powder to crystal & Colorless liquidASSAYmin 99% & 50% min liquidFree aminemax 0.07%Residue on ignitionmax 0.5%Potassiummax 50 ppmSo...
BrandWELINKTagsTetramethyl ammonium chloride; TMAC
Dear Sir We are having Spent Copper Catalyst CU content 30 % Qty available 15 MT Suitable for copper sulphate. Mail us or call us if you have any requirement. Regards ROMIT OSTWAL OSTWAL INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION E352A, F-road M.
BrandSpent copper catalystsTagsSpent copper catalysts