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Chamber filter plate is a modification of filter plate and frame. Two compacted plates create an individual chamber; filter cake produces on the plates in layer form. As the thickn...
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Welded membrane filter plate is the top priority when selecting a filter plate, for it significantly shortens the filter cycle by skipping the non-productive phase of pressure filtration.
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Filter plate and frame is common used for solid-liquid separation. Its individual chamber is filled with slurry to be filtered, and the cake produces on the filter cloth. The cake is dewatering by increasing the pressure in the chamber.
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Replaceable membrane filter plate can be roughly separated into three parts - core plate and two membranes. This special construction gives its capability of replaceable membrane a...
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Ceramic filter plate is an alternative method of solid and liquid separation. Porous ceramic filter tends to replace conventional filter plates for its extremely high working tempe...
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