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Application Industries UPHOLSTERY, BUS BODY, Carpet Flooring, Ducting, Switch Gear Industries, Leather Work, Handycraft Industry.Multi-Purpose synthetic rubber adhesive has high cohesive strength at room andelevated temperature.
BrandTaijiaTagscarpet glue, sofa glue, foam glue, upholstery
It's Solvent-based SBS rubber glueMain ingredients: thermoplastic rubber, resin, solvent oil No.6, antioxidantviscosity(MPA'S): 100+30solid content(%): 30+5maximum spray area: 20-2...
BrandTaijiaTagsglue, adhesive, spray glue
HPMC DescriptionHydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)HPMC is non-ionic cellulose ether made from natural cotton fiber under series of chemical processing.It’s odorless, tasteless...
BrandjinjiTagsHPMC for Wall Putty, HPMC manufacturers, HPMC producer, Hot Sell HPMC
SIO2, %: 30±1; NA2O, %: ≤0.40; PH:9.0~10.5; Viscosity at 20℃,:4.3-5.5 cp; SP.GR at 20℃: 1.19~1.21; Particle Size: 8~10 nm.
BrandJINWEITagscolloidal silica
We are the leading producer of colloidal silica in China.Have supplying for investment casting over 30 years.Product specifications:SIO2, %: 30±1NA2O, %: ≤0.40PH: 9.0~10.5Viscosity at 20℃ : 4.
BrandJINWEITagsinvestment casting
Molecular Sieve Activated Powder 3A is widely used in processing of coating,paint,polyurethane as adsorbent to remove moisture in the materials.Advantages: high WAC,low LOI,high pu...
BrandZonebaoTagsMolecular Sieve Desiccant absorb moisture
Molecular Sieve Desiccant for Dehydration of methanol and ethanol have below advantages:High WAC,low LOI,high crush strength,low wear rate,high purity.These unique features make it a longer lifespan which will save cost for the end user.
Molecular Sieve Desiccant for dehydration of methanol and ethanol with below advantages:High WAC,low LOI,high crush strength,low wear rate and higher purity.These unique properties make it's longer lifespan and save cost for end user.
Zonebao Molecular Sieve Company's high quality productMolecular Sieve Activated Powder have below advantages:High WAC,low LOI,very little screening,and higher purity can be used in...
BrandZonebaoTagsMolecular Sieve Activated Powder
Zonebao Molecular Sieve Company's high quality products:Molecular Sieve Desiccant for Refrigerant have below advantages: High WAC,low LOI,high crush strength,low wear ratio with a long lifespan.
BrandZonebaoTagsDesiccant for Refrigerant
Zonebao Molecular Company's high performance product:Molecular Sieve Desiccant for drying of liquid and gasAdvantages: High AWAC,high crush strength,low wear rate,long lifespan.
BrandZonebaoTagsmolecular sieve adsorbent for IG double glazing
Zonebao Molecular Sieve Co.,Ltd's high cost efficient productsMolecular Sieve Desiccants for I.G.U. have below advantagesa High WAC made a considerable longer life span of the IGUb...
BrandZonebaoTagsMolecular Sieve Desiccants
Zonebao Molecular Sieve Co.,Ltd.'s high quality products are Molecular Sieve Desiccant for IGU (ZBXX3 serial); Molecular Sieve Dehydration for air brake system(ZB004);Molecular Sie...
BrandZonebaoTagsmolecular sieve desiccant
Resealable plastic self adhesive tape , for sealing BOPP , OPP, PP , PE plastic flap bags .Having following major sizes ,HDPE9mmx1000meters per roll , 30rolls per carton HDPE15mm...
BrandOEMTagsresealable tape , plastic self adhesive tape , bag sealing tape , resealing tape , HDPE tape , central glue tape , OPP tape , self seal tape
Xanthan Gluing MachineHot Melt Glue DispenserHot Melt Glue Machine1: the pressure barrel (10L capacity) of this machine is made of all carbon steel, which can meet the continuous operation of the production line.
BrandOushidaTagsHot Melt Glue Dispenser
2600ml A series of manual silica gelHot Melt Glue DispenserHot Melt Glue MachineFind here details of DBS selling Manual Silica Gel Dispensing Machine. All the Silica Gel Dispensing Machine with super quality and competitive price.
BrandOushidaTagsHot Melt Glue Dispenser
2600ml pressurized high viscosity semi-automatic glue dispensing machineHot Melt Glue DispenserHot Melt Glue MachineHot Sale Various High Quality High Viscosity Semi-automatic Glue Dispensing Machine from China leading manufacturer.
BrandOushidaTagsPressurized Semi-automatic Glue Dispensing Machine
Model E of TFT2600ML silica gel dispenserHot Melt Glue DispenserHot Melt Glue MachineThe pressure barrel of 2600ML Silica Gel Dispenser is made of seamless carbon steel, and its safety is superior to other sewing materials.
BrandOushidaTagsHot Melt Glue Dispenser
Precision automatic floor dispensing machineHot Melt Glue DispenserHot Melt Glue MachinePrecision Automatic Floor Dispensing Machine transporting adopted large diameter steel pipe to send gum.
BrandOushidaTags2600ML Silica Gel Dispensing Machine
HOMEY 12 Polyurethane Foam is used for bonding, fixing, installing and sound insulation, heat insulation.It is also suitable for gap filling,gas separation,cracks and breaking holds sealing.
BrandhomeyconsTagsB2 grade product