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Product Details
HC-49S Quartz Crystal Resonator
HC-49S Quartz Crystal Resonator
* Applies to communication devices such as wireless phones and other digital devices;
* Metal PKG, lead and pins;
* The frequency range is 3.2MHz to 90MHz;
* Adopting metal shell, parallel welding with high reliability;
* Suitable to install automatically;
* Lead-free.
Standard Specifications
Frequency Range 3.2MHz~40.320MHz 40MHz~90.000MHz
Vibrate mode Fundamental wave 3rd harmonic wave
Adjust the frequency difference (at 25 ℃): +/-50ppm'+/-30ppm or specify
Temperature frequency difference
(reference temperature 25 ℃): 50ppm'+/-30ppm or specify
temperature range : -20℃~+70℃ or specify
Storage temperature range (Tstg): -40℃~+85℃
Equivalent resistance: 1
Static capacitance: 7pF max
Driving power: 100μW(500μW Max)
Load Capacitance: 20pF 18pF 16pF or specify
Aging rate: +/-5ppm/year Max
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