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Submerged arc furnace
Submerged arc furnace
Submerged arc furnace
Submerged arc furnace
Submerged arc furnace will be mainly applied for reduction of metallurgical ore to produce the FeSi, FeMg, FeCr, Ferrotungsten, SiMg and Titanium slag alloy, which will be the important material for metallurgical and chemical industries.
Features of the equipment:
For submerged arc furnaces, the lining will be made of carbon or magnesia refractory material. The electrode is s elf-baking. The electrode will be inserted into the charging material.
The material will be molten by arc and current. The charging material will be continuously adding. The tapping will be batch type. It is a continuously operation industry furnace.
Main equipment for large current system of submerged arc furnaces
1.Combined electrode clamper
2.Clamper, pressure ring type with expansion pipe
3.Pipe type network
4.Furnace transformer
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