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cast-in channels

Product Details
cast-in channels
cast-in channels
cast-in channels
cast-in channels
cast-in channels
C type slot embedded parts widely used in Anchorage technical field of housing construction, tunnels, bridges, large construction projects, is a kind of ideal adjustable fixing piece, type C tank foam filler or strip filling materials, to prevent concrete into the channel. C type slot embedded parts adjustment and installation is convenient and time-saving, anchor point adjustment, connected with bolts, without welding, a series of anchoring special economic, simple installation tool, save working time and cost, to accelerate the speed of construction, construction cost savings.
Technical requirements
C type groove material is Q235,stainless steel, there are two kinds of hot rolling and cold rolling.
T type bolt is made of 45# steel, stainless steel ,forging, and quenching and tempering.
C groove embedded parts of the surface of hot galvanized, zinc layer thickness of not less than 70 m;
Product application
Any component can be used C type steel are fixed, such as: Precast concrete plate, pipe support system, brick structure of the support, concrete walls and so on.
Applicable to all occur dynamic bearing fixing device, such as crane rail or mechanical fixing device. In tunnel engineering for wire and a tensioner anchorage, overhead wires anchoring system, contact net groove slideway, Metro Communication support fixed.
Bridge engineering is used for the four bridge in the bridge.
The construction of curtain wall engineering is widely used in the construction of the curtain wall and the main structure of the building.
Product model
Hot rolling type: 5025, 5234, 3026 (Metro)
Cold rolling type: EHMQ-21, 31, 41; EHMQA-16
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