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BETTER MCM 250 style Centrifugal Pumps and Parts

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BETTER MCM 250 style Centrifugal Pumps and Parts
BETTER MCM 250 style Centrifugal Pumps and Parts
BETTER MCM 250 style Centrifugal Pumps and Parts
BETTER MCM 250 style Centrifugal Pumps and Parts
Mission centrifugal pump line has proven to be the best centrifugal design for handling abrasive mud. BETTER series of heavy-duty centrifugal pumps are designed and manufactured basing on the introduced Mission pumps’ drawings. These pump line offers a broad selection of innovative features for a variety of routine, demanding, abrasive and corrosive applications.
All BETTER pumps are build using the superior quality components, and its parts are 100% & identical in all dimensions to Mission, Halco, Baker SPD Mud Hog, MCM 250 series, double life, Premium 250, XBSY, Victory, Trinity HDD, Mattco, Harrisburg, and TSC Highlight HCP. etc.

BETTER heavy-duty centrifugal pumps -250 series style
It has a semi-open impeller with wear pad design that contains wide-tipped vanes and a more tangential circumference of the suction allowing the pump to create a smoother flow pattern when handling abrasive fluids. It is available in hard ductile iron fluid ends. The pumps can be unitized with electric motors, diesel engines, and hydraulic motors (horizontal, vertical, or close-coupled configuration). Sizes from 3x2x13 to 10x8x14

DISCLAIMER: NOV Mission Magnum & Supreme, MCM, Halco, Double Life, Baker SPD, Harrisburg, Cobra, Dragon, Derrickk are in no way affliated with BETTER Drilling Fluid Equipment Industrial Limited. The replacement parts offered are manufactured by or for BETTER, and the mentioned brand name & part no. is for confirmation.

Equivalent to model:
640202123 3X2X13
640202222 4X3X13
640202529 6X5X11
640202628 6X5X14
640202826 8X6X11
640202925 8X6X14
640203121 10x8x14

We could produce and supply the equivalent spare parts as below. The given part no. is for confirmation.
1 250 PedestalP25PED
2 250 ShaftP25SHFT
3 250 Outboard Bearing HousingP25OBBH
4250 Packing GlandP25PG
5250 Inboard BearingP25IBBRG
6250 Slinger Ring WaterP25SRW
7250 Inboard Bearing CoverP25IBBC
8250 Outboard BearingP25OBBRG
9250 Outboard Bearing CoverP25OBBC
10250 Graphite PackingP25PMSG
-250 king PackingP25PMSK
-250 Teflon PackingP25PMST
-250 Mechanical SealP25MS/TT
11250 Gland Bolt AssemblyP25GABA
12250 Shaft Sleeve, CeramicP25SHSLVC
13250 Stuffing Box F/PackingP25SB/PK
-250 Stuffing Box F/Mech. SealP25SB/MS
14250-2X3X13 ImpellerP25D233MRXXX
-250-3X4X13 ImpellerP25D343MRXXX
-250-4X5X14 ImpellerP25D454MRXXX
-250-5X6X11 ImpellerP25D561MRXXX P25561DR10SO
-250-5X6X14 ImpellerP25D564MRXXX
-250-5X6X11 ImpellerP25D681MRXXX
-250-6X8X14 ImpellerP25D684MRXXX
15250-2X3X13 Housing AssemblyP25D233H
-250-3X4X13 Housing AssemblyP25D343H
-250-4X5X14 Housing AssemblyP25D454H
-250-5X6X11 Housing AssemblyP25D561H
-250-5X6X14 Housing AssemblyP25D56H
-250-6X8X11 Housing AssemblyP25D681H
-250-6X8X14 Housing AssemblyP25D684H
16250 Housing Stud W/NutP25HSN
17A250 Fluid End Gasket KitP25FEGH
17250 Housing GasketP25HG
18250 Impeller Seal - OringP25IMS
19250 Shaft Sleeve Seal - OringP25SSS
20A250 Oil Seal KitP250SK
20250 Inboard Bearing Oil SealP25IBBOS
21250 Inboard Bearing Oil SealP25IBBOS
22250 Outboard Bearing Oil SealP25OBBOS
23A250 Power End Gasket KitP25PEGK
23250 Inboard Bearing Cover GasketP25IBBCG
24250 Outbd. Bearing Hsg. Seal-OringP25OBBHS
25250 Outbd. Brg. Cover Seal-OringP25OBBCS
26250 Bearing Lock Nut KitP25BLNK
2500 Graphite Packing8264-24-OBA
2500 king Packing8474-24-1A
2500 Teflon Packing8264-24-7A
2500 Mechanical Seal22451
2500 Shaft Sleeve, Ceramic20613-21G-7A
2500 Fluid End Gasket Kit10399-46-1A
2500 Oil Seal Kit20619A
2500 Power End Gasket Kit20625A
2500 Bearing Lock Nut Kit6123-4A
TP-P25D454H, TP-P25D454H, TP-P25D564H, TP-P25D681H, TP-P25D684H, TP-P25D233MRxxx, TP-P25D343MRxxx, TP-P25D454MRxxx, TP-P25D561MRxxx, TP-P25D564MRxxx, TP-P25D561MRxxx, TP-P25D584MRxxx

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