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Level gauge glass DIN7081
Level gauge glass DIN7081
Level gauge glass DIN7081
Level gauge glass DIN7081
Level gauge glass DIN7081
Borosilicate Level Gauge Glass is made from extra hard borosilicate glass with toughened process.
It is used in lever gauge in boiler,tanks and other liquid container for water level measurement.
We can offer items as follows:
1) Reflex gauge glass, also called reflexion gauge glass, reflexion gauge glasses
2) Transparent gauge glass, also called plain gauge glass, flat gauge glasses
3) Round sight glass also called sight glass, sight glass disc, circular glasses
4) Gasket for gauge glass also called cushion gasket, joint gasket, grafoil gasket
1) Reflex gauge glass and transavailable size:
The other size is optional or according to the requirements of customers.
Pressure and temperature of transparent gauge glass
Soft environment240 bar120 °C290 bar120 °C340 bar120 °C
160 bar400 °C800 bar400 °C230 bar400 °C
0-10 bar430 °C0-10 bar430 °C0-10 bar430 °C
Aggressive environment35 bar243 °C35 bar243 °C42 bar253 °C
70 bar300 °C85 bar300 °C85 bar300 °C
3) Round sight glass discs
Thickness: 10mm-25mm
Diameter: 50mm - 250mm
Pressure: 6 - 25 bar
Temperature: 250 degree C
4) Gasket for glass
Asbestos/Non asbestos cushion gasket and graphite joint gasket
Size the same with the glass and thickness can be 1.0/1.5/2.0mm
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