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Product Details
Pressure Balanced Cage Type Control Valve
Pressure Balanced Cage Type Flow Control Valve ( HSC)
Model NO.:HSC
Nominal Diameter:
Pressure Rating:
Applicable Temperature Range:
-196 Deg C~+566 Deg C
Valve Body Type:
Straight-Through Type, Angle Type
Actuator Type:
Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator, Pneum
Wcb, CF8, CF8m
Flanged, Butt Welded
This product is composed of the pneumatic multi-springs, pneumatic actuator and the low flow resistance sleeve. This valve uses the balanced valve core, the unbalanced force is small, the permission pressure differential is big, and operation is steady. Compared with the ordinary single and double seat-regulating valve, it has low noise, simple structure and convenient assembling and dismantling characteristics.
Its valve shape is small, the body is light, the performance is good, and the capacity is big. So it's the new type general regulating valve product. It is suitable for the common fluid medium and techniques condition industrial control system.
Pressure Balanced Cage Type Control Valve ( GAHSC) Specifications:
Applicable temperature range
-30ºC~260ºC (single-seat structure)
-196ºC~570ºC(double-seat structure)
Trim features
sleeve guided type, balanced trim structure
Body type
straight-through type, angle type
Bonnet type
standard type, heat dissipation type, cryogenic type
Flow characteristic
equal percentage, Linear, quick open
Shut-off class
ASME B16.104 V (standard metal seat)
AS ME B16.104 V I (shut-off soft seat)
Pipe connection type
flange type, Butt welding type
Actuator type
pneumatic diaphragm actuator
pneumatic piston actuator
Electric actuator
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