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Product Details
Portable Outdoor Water Filter
Portable Outdoor Water Filter
QJ-A8 EXPLORER,Portable Water Filter,Outdoor water filter
Emergency water purifiers contains six water purification function:purified water,a flashlight,a compass,whistle,knives,fire stick stone;Can be used in outdoor sports, outdoor adventure, business travel;Ceramic filter cleaning repeatedly,filter sediment,rust,heavy metal;Japan imported carbon fiber adsorption odor of residual chlorine in water;U.S. imports of bromine generation of polystyrene for sterilization,in addition to bacteria.For tap water,no industrial pollution of the lake,stream,the water filter.

◆ Technical Specification
● Product Name:EXPLORER,Portable Water Filter,Outdoor water filter
● Model:QJ-A8
● Filtration Fineness:0.1um
● Capacity:≥2000L(depending on water quality)
● Filter Material:Ceramic,acrbon fiber,Brominated Polystyrene Hydantoin(USA)
● Operating Temperature:5℃~45℃
◆ Informational parameter
● Patent No:ZL201420678808.0
● Report For Analysis:Guangdong Industry Microbe Test Center,Test NO:2015SP1639
● Replacement Cartridge Model:QJ-A8LX
● Weight:350g
● Size:8×4.7×17cm
● QTY:42pcs
● Packing weight:16kg
● Packing Size:62×30×28cm
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