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L-shaped track ruler(right-angle track) is a specialmeasuring tool used for measuring the distance betweenthe inner side of railway track and the base mark and theheight between the plane on the rail and the base mark.
BrandLianjieTagsRailway Measurement Equipment,Rail L-shaped Track Ruler
The device is mainly for measuring rail inward incalination(cant ) 1:40 or 1:20 . In order to make the top of the railtrack under the wheel load with cone tread stresseduniformly ,...
BrandLianjieTagsRail Inclination Measuring Device, Rail Cant Measurement Device
Rail opening gauge is mainly used for measuringturnout opening and offset gauge. Small design andconvient to use for some special meauring points.
BrandLianjieTagsrailway measurement instrument. Rail Opening Gauge
The Switch rail height gauge is mainly used to measurethe descent height value of the switch rail relative to the runningrail and point rail relative to the wing rail . Measurement...
BrandLianjieTagsswitch rail height gauge ,point rail height gauge,check rail height gauge
This digital corrugation wear gauge is a direct readingmeasuring tool which is using straight verticalmeasurement method. It is mainly used for rail topsurface and position surface corrugation wear datameasurement.
BrandLianjieTagsRailway Measurment Device, Rail Corrugation Wear Gauge
The Switch Rail Lateral Wear is used to measure the switchrail lateral wear and the descent height value of the switchrail ,this device can be used for all types of switch rail.
BrandLianjieTagstrack gauge, switch rail Wear Gauge, Lateral Wear Gauge
Rail frog wear gauge is used for special measuring tools ofrailway maintenance department for frog and wing rail wearvalue.
BrandLianjieTagsRail Frog Wear Gauge, Railway Measurment Device
The analogue track gauge is used for measuring : •Track gauge•Check rail gauge•Back to back distance•Superelevation.
BrandLianjieTagstrack gauge, switch rail gauge, rail ruler
Rail wear gauge(rail head loss gauge) is mainly used tomeasure the vertical wear and lateral wear of the rail. Thereasonable design makes it convenient operation and intuitivereading.
BrandLianjieTagsRail Wear Gauge Rail Profile Gauge Rail Head Loss Gauge
Digital Track Gauge is a special made for globalmarket. This item apply to measure the track gauge,check railgauge,back to back distance,(super elevation) ,flangewayclearance.
BrandLianjieTagstrack gauge, switch rail gauge, rail ruler
Ford King Axle1. The shaft head is forged with alloy material and processed by CNC lathe after quenching and tempering. The bearing position is medium-frequency quenched and wear-resistant.
warehouse-type transport semi-trailer1. The high-wall fence structure design process is combined with the user's cargo category, lightweight design, strong carrying capacity, simple and applicable structure, and easy to disassemble2.
BrandJintongdaTagsSemi-trailer, Warehouse semi-trailer, high fence semi-trailer, flower-bar semi-trailer
Van transport semi - trailer 1. Van-type transport semi-trailers are mainly used to transport various packaged goods of household appliances and clothing, and have the functions of preventing rain, sun, and theft.
BrandJintongdaTagsside curtain semitrailer, straight beam semitrailer, wing open semitrailer, Van transport semitrailer
Container Semi-trailer Competitive Advantage:1) Our company produces flat semitrailer divided into flat, concave beam and tire exposed structure, beam adopts flat type or goose neck.
BrandJintongdaTagsContainer Semi-trailer, light container carrier, 20-foot container frame, 40-foot container frame
Back Flip Semi-trailer 1. The front-top and back-turning self-unloading fence semi-trailer is suitable for the transportation of coal, sand, iron powder, building materials and other bulk cargo.
BrandJintongdaTagsDump semi-trailer, rear turning semi-trailer, semi-trailer
Side dump semi trailer According to the demand, it can be equipped with unilateral or bilateral unloading, which is convenient and fast and reduces the transportation cost.The box ...
BrandJintongdaTagsDumper semi-trailer, rolled-over semitrailer, semitrailer
Low Flatbed Semi-trailer The semi-trailer is mainly suitable for medium and heavy duty and bulk cargo in medium and long distance transportation, and has become a medium and long distance freight vehicle.
BrandJintongdaTagsLow Flatbed Semi-trailer, semitrailer, hook machine semitrailer
Flatbed Semi-trailer The semi-trailer is mainly suitable for medium and heavy duty and bulk cargo in medium and long distance transportation, and has become a medium and long distance freight vehicle.
BrandJintongdaTagsFlatbed semitrailer, ordinary semitrailer
Pallet transport semi trailer1.The loading part of the rail-plate semi-trailer is the semi-trailer with the rail-plate structure. The body adopts high strength steel, light dead weight and strong load carrying capacity.
BrandJintongdaTagsOrdinary semitrailer, standard box semitrailer
LX918-120 marine electric apparatus works limit switch is widely used for all kindly ships.
BrandYugaoTagsLX918-120 limit switch