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Dry strength agent DS-66

Product Details
Dry strength agent DS-66
Dry strength agent DS-66

Product description: dry strength agent DS66, as a new type of dry strength agent, is widely used in cardboard paper, bobbin paper, household paper, newsprint, cultural paper, and so on. It can effectively improve the dry strength of the paper (folding strength, bursting strength, deflection and ring crush compression resistance) It has a particularly obvious effect on the paper making system with more anion impurities or higher electrolyte concentration. It also has the function of retention for fiber fines and fillers, reducing the fiber to drain, farina and fibril to drop out.
Physical property:
Appearance: colorless to pale yellow viscous liquid
Ionic: two of/ zwitterionic
Solid content: 15±1%, 20± 1%
Viscosity: 7000± 5000mpa.s(25)
PH value: 4±1
Water solubility: soluble in cold water
Storage time: 3 months(5-35 ℃)
1.Effectively improve the dry strength of the paper( folding strength, bursting strength, deflection and ring crush compression resistance)
2.Improve the retention ratio of fiber fines and fillers and filtering performance.
3.Reduce the dosage of the cationic starch, polyacrylamide and other retention aid.
1.Add 2/3 water in the container first, and then add the product slowly in stirring. (not a one-time joining for its high viscosity) When strength agent is completely dissolved and diluted, supplement surplus water. According to the site condition, it is recommended to be diluted more than 10 times.
2.Adding points: sizing pump import or pressure screen inlet
3.Volume of addition: 8-20kg fluid per ton, or adjustment according to the production.
Packing, transport and storage:
1.Store at room temperature, keep in dry and cool. Pay attention to prevent frozen and sunscreen.
2.Recommended storage time is 3 months, storing according to the transport of dangerous goods.
3.1000kg plastic drum, or referring to clients’ site conditions.
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