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Licorice Extract Paste (Semi-Liquid)

Product Details
Licorice Extract Paste (Semi-Liquid)
We export Licorice Extract Paste (Semi-Liquid) in bulk from Turkmenistan.

Annual capacity is 500 Mt.

Quality conforms to the following specifications:

Appearance: Dense homogeneous paste without lumps and foreign matter
Odor: Mild, peculiar
Color: Dark-brown
Taste Sugary, sweet, slightly annoying
Glycyrrhizic acid: 7% (HPLC) minimum
Moisture: 32-38%
pH: 5.5 - 6.0
Total ash: 9% maximum
Matters insoluble in hot water: 2.5% maximum

Delivery is arranged on the following terms: FCA Turkmenabat, DAF Alashankou, FOB Bandar-Abbas, FOB Mersin, CIF main port of China or Europe.
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