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Fitted sheet available in 8 size and 16 colour Terry Towels Embroidered three size 50 x 10070 x 140 100 x 50 Sheet set Quality : 76 X 56 / 35 X 35 PCAnd 76 x68 / 30 x 30 pc availab...
BrandEj worldTagsTextile products
polyester textured yarn with 120TPM on dyed tube , can dyed directly.
Brandno BrandTagspolyester, yarn,PA6,PA66,textured yarn
Our made PSF line use recycled PET flakes and virgin chips to produce the polyester staple fiber, it is a flexible production line. It can produce solid polyester staple fiber (PSF...
BrandShanghai PacificTagsPolyester, PSF line, PET staple Fiber line, Hollow Fiber Machinery, PP Staple Fiber Machine, fiber production Machinery, spin a yarn, staples recycling, Fiber Machinery, polyester fiber making machine, pet fiber production, recycled, recycled polyester staple fiber plant, pet bottles recycled polyester staple fiber making machine.
The company always adheres to the technology leading, excellent quality, reasonable price, and thoughtful service for the survival of the company. Upholding the enterprise developm...
BrandPrinting fabricTagsPrinting fabric
We are leading exporter of reclaimed wiper rags.We offered all kind of reclaimed wiper rags in different kind of packaging.Items listWhite knit 1White knit 2White knit without stitched.
BrandWiperragsTagsWiper rags
Single jersey is weft knitted fabric which is formed by one set of needles. Single jersey is the mostly used for making T-shirts in textile. In single jersey face side and back side appearance is different.
BrandADASTagssingle jersey, single jersey fabric, fabric
Spun polyester threads are produced by spinning together of the high tenacity and low elongation polyester fibers 1.2Dx38mm Bright or Semi-Dull into a single ply. Two or more plies are twisted to make a thread of the desired size.
BrandBonLonTagsSpun Polyester Sewing Thread,Sewing Thread
Textured Threads - are made from continuous filaments of polyester that have been textured and then heat set to insure proper bulk-retention. Textured threads are ideal for overedg...
BrandBonLonTagsTwisted Textured Polyester Thread, Polyester Thread,Thread
Air Entangled Threads are made from continuous filaments of polyester that are entangled as they pass through a high pressure air jet. This yarn is then twisted, dyed and wound on cones with lubricant.
BrandBonLonTagsAir Entangled Polyester Thread,Polyester Thread,Sewing Thread
Continuous trilobal polyester filaments are twisted into a ply. Multiple plies are then twisted together to provide a thread of the desired size. The thread is lubricated to improve sewing qualities.
BrandBonLonTagsTrilobal Polyester Embroidery Thread,Embroidery Thread,Sewing Thread,Thread
Cocoon bobbins are used on “schiffli” embroidery & multi-needle lockstitch quilting machines equiped with shuttles. Made of cotton, poly/poly core spun, spun polyester, continuous filament nylon 6.
BrandBonLonTagsCocoon Bobbin Thread, Thread,sewing thread
Bonded high-tenacity nylon 6.6 & 6 sewing thread. It means is covered with special resin that protects it against friction and needle heat. Greige Yarn wound on dyeing tube rea...
BrandBonLonTagsBonded Nylon,Sewing Thread,Thread,Nylon Sewing Thread,Nylon
Made from high tenacity filaments, and bonded with a special SOLVENT FREE finish, that protects it against friction and needle heat. Greige Yarn wound on dyeing tube ready for dyei...
BrandBonLonTagsBonded Polyester,Sewing Thread,Thread
Polyester/Cotton corespun threads are produced by spinning the staple fibres of cotton and then wrapping this around continuous polyester filaments. Two or more plies of this stand...
BrandBonLonTagspoly cotton,core spun,sewing thread
Poly-Poly Core Threads - are made by spinning a staple wrapper of polyester around a continuous filament of polyester fibers. Afterwards, two or more of these single yarns are twisted together to form the thread.
BrandBonLonTagspoly poly,core spun,sewing thread
This kind of thread is produced from high tenacity low shrinkage low elongation continuous nylon(polyamide66) filament yarn twisted in advanced equipments.we can twist any count, p...
BrandBonLonTagsSewing Thread,Nylon,Continuous Filament,Nylon Filament
This kind of thread are produced from high tenacity low shrinkage low elongation continuous polyester multifilament yarn twisted in modern equipments.We always use super high tenac...
BrandBonLonTagsPolyester Filament,Sewing Thread,Thread
VNFIBER is a registered company specializing in manufacturing recycled polyester staple fiber which is used for a variety of cushion, mattress, fiberfill, sofas, pillows, plush toy...
BrandVNFIBERTagsRecycled HCS, Hollow Conjugate, Staple Fiber, Polyester Fiber, HCS, HCNS, Non Siliconized
cotton canvas dyed fabricMaterial: cotton canvasTechnics: WovenYarn Count: 21+21x10Density: 72x40Pattern: Plain DyedStyle: canvas fabricsWidth: 58/60’’Weight: 220-230gsmFeature...
Brandcotton canvas dyed fabricTagscotton canvas dyed fabric
polyester herringbone dyed fabricMaterial: 100% polyesterTechnics: WovenYarn Count: 100DX100DDensity: 110X76Pattern: Yarn dyedStyle: HerringboneWidth: 44/45’’, 58/59’’Weigh...
Brandpolyester herringbone dyed fabricTagspolyester herringbone dyed fabric