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pp heatset yarn, PP HEATSET.
BrandPP HeatsetTagsPP HEATSET
Knitting Silk Yarn, Those silk yarn used for hand knitting and carpets weaving.
BrandStarlingTagsSilk Yarn
we have various size of hand knitting yarn made by eri silk and mulberry silk fiber.
We have all kind of Silk fiber like Mulberry Silk, Tasar Silk, Muga Silk and Eri Silk fiber. all are 100% natural SILK,.
Our main products as below:1) Fancy yarn series : Pon-Pon yarn, Fishnet yarn, Mesh yarn, Ladder yarn, Lily yarn(hollow tube yarn), Track yarn, Eyelash yarn, Feather yarn, Boucle ya...
BrandPDTagscore spun yarn
Functional yarn series In order to increase yarn functionality and better meet the market demand. the company has developed several functional yarns ā—¸Polyester flame retardant ya...
Ne. 1s - 10s Colour : Raw White and Bleach White Material : Polycotton and Cotton Twist per inch : 7,05Strength : 215 weight per cones : 2,65 kg packing detail : packing in PP Bags...
BrandLeximTagsyarn, Open End, Gloves ,rag, mop yarn
At Nisha Silk Exports we offer a wide range of weaving yarns. Our yarns made 100% out of Pure Silk & Blend with other natural fibers ( Both Animal & plant based ).
BrandNSETagscarpet yarn, carpet silk yarn, silk yarn, silk carpet, silk roving yarn
Eri Silk is also known as Ahmisa Silk & Peace Silk. It is one of the most non - violent noble fiber. Our Eri Silk Cocoon come in natural, Bleached, Processed to sheet form. We can ...
BrandNSETagsEri Silk Cocoon, Ahimsa Silk, Silk Cocoon, Eri Silk Yarn, Eri Silk Tops, Ahimsa Silk Yarn
Mulberry Silk which is commonly known as Bombyx Silk is one of the most produce silk in India. We can offer the below form of Mulberry Silk : - Mulberry Silk Cocoon - Mulberry Silk...
BrandNSETagsMulberry Spun Silk Yarn, Spun Silk Yarn, Silk Yarn, Bombyx Silk
Eri Silk is also known as Ahimsa Silk & Peace Silk. Eri Silk is one of the most hygienic silk. We can offer the below forms of Eri Silk : - Eri Silk Cocoon - Eri Silk Sheet - Eri S...
BrandNSETagsEri Silk Yarn, Eri Silk Spun Yarn, Eri Silk Sheet, Eri Silk Noil
Our Eri Silk Cocoon come in natural & bleached form. We can further process it to sheet, tops & Yarns.
BrandNSETagsSilk Cocoon, Eri Silk, Eri Silk Cocoon
Our Silk Sheet is suitable for spinning & Blanket fillers/Quilt Fillers. Mulberry Silk Sheet & Eri Silk Sheet are our most sold sheets. We can also offer sheets made out of Muga, Tussar & Peduncle.
BrandNSETagsSilk Sheet, Silk Matawa, Silk Hankies
We have a variety of silk tops to offer. From Long Fiber Length to Short. Carded form to Circular Dressing Tops. We can offer tops of the below Silk : i) Mulberry Silk ii) Eri Silk...
BrandNSETagsSilk Tops, Silk Nefa, Silk Sliver, Silk Fiber
Our factory can product 100% organic color grown cotton material, suitable for yarn making.theorganictextilecompany(dot)comorganiccottonfactory(at)outlook.com(+86) 181 0983 9250.
BrandHOLICTagsGOTS certified organic color grown cotton
Our factory can product 100% organic color grown cotton fabrics, including but not limited to jersey, terry towel and so on.theorganictextilecompany(dot)comorganiccottonfactory(at)outlook.
BrandHOLICTagsGOTS certified organic color grown cotton
Our factory can produce GOTS certified organic color grown cotton yarns and fabrics.theorganictextilecompany(dot)comorganiccottonfactory(at)outlook.com(+86) 181 0983 9250.
BrandHOLICTagsGOTS certified organic color grown cotton
Silk Raw 27/29 denier, Mulberry Silk Raw 27/29 denier.
BrandKumush TolaTags27/29 denier
Can be used in Sling, Webbing, Tie Down, Seat Belt, Rope, Netting etc.Product List Specification: FDY( Fully Drawn Yarn)White/Dope dyed colorsBlack&other colors 500D/96F- 3000D/384FAny other requires or doubts,please contact me freely.
BrandChaoliteTagscolored yarn,polyester yarn,webbing,sling,rope,seat belt
Specialized in high tenacity polyester yarn over ten years.Widely used in Sling,Webbing,Geotexitile,Yarn-coating,Netting,Rope,Sewing Thread,Hose,Seat Belt,Military Clothes, Airbags and so on.
BrandChaoliteTagsPolyester Yarn, Fibre