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Product Details
Stainless Steel 201 Fan Filter Unit
Stainless steel 201 FFU

Fan Filter Unit is used to provide clean air. It is installed in the t grid of clean room, working area or equipment. It is widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, electronics, pharmaceutical processing, hospitals, laboratories, food processing and others.


Fan(high efficiency centrifugal fan)

Long life time, low noise, maintenance free, small vibration, stepless speed regulation;
Stable speed regulation, the air flow remain unchanged when the HEPA filter is run in final resistance;
Energy-saving, controlled by computer, stable performance; 800 PCS FFU can be controlled by one computer.

HEPA filter
Efficiency: 99.995% @0.3um

Material of FFU body:

Al-zn coated sheet;
Brightness stainless steel
Cold rolled sheet, powder coating
Aluminum alloy
Speed regulation:
Options: Varying-voltage control speed regulation for single FFU;
Frequency conversion speed regulation for multiple FFU

Non-standard FFU can be manufactured according to customers requirements.
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