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EMI shielding knitted wire mesh
EMI shielding knitted wire mesh are resilient,conductive.They can provide high shielding performance applications in the magnetic and electrical fields.They are regularly used on cast,machined and sheet metal enclosures.It can be supplied in rolls,tube or cut forms.Any metal that can be produced in the form of wire.
Main material of our EMI shielding knitted wire mesh are Tin Phosphorus Bronze(Sn-Ph-Bz),Tin plated copper clad steel(Sn-Cu-Fe),Silver-clad copper(Ag-Brass),Monel and Aluminium.
The kinds of EMI shielding knitted wire mesh:All metal knitted wire mesh,Knitted Wire mesh with elastomer core,Knitted wire mesh tape,Knitted wire mesh combination EMC gasket and Knitted wire mesh washer.
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