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Fabric air conditioning dispersion Fabric air conditioning dispersion
Fabric air duct is made of high-tech permanent fire resistant fabric to replace traditional whole air supply ductwork including metal duct, air valves, diffuser and insulation materials, etc. it has been widely used in over thousands application
1. Three series products: Nanosox inherent permanent fire resistant fire resistant series (UL certified, 15 years guarantee) Laminsox Washable and fire resistant fire resistant series (ASTM Tested, 10 years guarantee ) Fiber fire proof series ( 8 years guarantee)
2. Four airflow models: PM (100% airflow through fabric material permeability), EJ (100% airflow ejected through orifices on ducts), PS (airflow both through fabric permeability and slots on the duct), PE (airflow both through permeability and orifices on the duct)
3. Five shapes: Round, Half Round, large Half-Round, Quarter Round and our own patent shapes, Rectangles.
4. Multi colors: RED, WHITE, YELLOW, BEIGE, BLUE, GREY, LIGHT GREY, GREEN, BLACK, also customize color available.
5. Three suspension system types: Galvanized Cable Suspension system, Aluminum Flush mounted Suspension system and H-track Suspension system.

1. Even and comfortable air flow: Disperse air through fabric or rows nof linear orifices to form a tridimensional even air flow dispersion effect with great comfort, precise air throw.
2. Condensation free: cooled air permeates through fabric, forms an air layer around duct without temperature differences to stop ambient air from contacting duct directly, which resolves condensation problem radically without thermal insulation
3. Quiet: made of flexible material, low air velocity without resonance when working, improve environment quality.
4. Light weight: made of fabric, tiny weight about 1/40 of traditional one. Very suitable on roof without load capacity.
5. Quick installation: specialized on cable or track suspension system, simple and quick, 1/10 installation period of metal system.
6. Economic: easier system solution, replace traditional air ductwork, air valve, heat insulating etc, very light weight, simple to transport and install, save total system cost all around. Attached are the pictures of our fabrics
Thereafter, partnering with us would maintain your standard with our modern techniques.
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