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Product Details
Mud Gun
Mud gun
Technique parameters
Model NJQ50
Diameter 2 (φ50)
Gate valve DN50/PN4.0
Interface diameter 2 
Working pressure ≤1.6MPa or higher pressure
Nozzles 3 or 1
Swivel Optional
Swivel degree 0°/120°/360°

NJQ Mud gun has been used as a sole means of agitation. Mud guns usually carry mud from a downstream compartment and spray it into an upstream compartment to keep solids suspending. If the mud gun with swivel handle there won’t be any blind angle in the tank. Now the effect of mud guns tends to be localized around the point where the nozzle may add mud into the tank. Want more information on NJQ mud gun, please contact us.

Optional high pressure and common pressure
Swiveling type and fixed type
Rotation degree up to 360°
Reliable standard material
Simple design and compact
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