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different use of PVB film

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different use of PVB film
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A note of the use of PVB film:

1, glass washing

In order to eliminate the dirt, the dirt on the surface of glass, and greasy dirt, should be carefully washed glass. Glass cleaning machine using water must be clean processing, according to the strict requirements is the use of ion softened water. The quality of irrigation water has a great influence on the bond strength of laminated glass, especially the cleaningwater salinity influence the final quality of bonding between glass and PVB film. After cleaning the glass drying and kept at room temperature before use. The production of curvedlaminated glass, glass washing must be completed before bending.

2, PVB film preparation

Must be treated shrinkage reasonably cut film according to the glass specification, marginsize and film, film compensation by hot pressing process of shrinking in size. In the use of low temperature storage film, shrink film shrinkage rate depends on the film itself and the filmlaying the size of the stress.

The technical index and key operation points, 3 piece chamber

The environment is the key of sandwich glass press. Should operate strictly according to thetechnical standard temperature, humidity and dust free workshop, lamination room is equipped with air conditioning system, air filter, air dehumidification equipment, general quality requirements can reach grade 300000 is preferred . Adjusting room temperature and humidity should be before laminating, relative humidity control in general between 25% -40%, control temperature between 18-22 ℃.

The lamination room requires: exit and entrance are double doors; the use of air conditioning, with filtered air the room always at positive pressure; at the entrance of the ground, place the carpet or doormat, to avoid the dirt into the interior; the operator before entering thelamination room to replace the cleaning slippers at the same time, to wear masks, gloves, hats and wearing. With elastic cuffs clothes, preferably anti-static clothing.

4, attention should be paid to the problems in the process

The closing stages: press glass two need to align, film in the glass edge leaving around 5mm.Press, the glass surface slightly heated, making certain adhesion between glass and PVBfilm, the fixed position in laminated glass, so as to ensure the piece after the glass in the production line without sliding. Double tempered laminated glass must be strictly matching (matching is completed, in the steel production line of each glass should be divided into twofurnace, positioning, pair production).

The film after trimming stage: pull the intermediate film to avoid the intermediate filmdeformation should not be pruned, PVB in the glass edge should stay beyond the glass about 3mm is better, when the sharp blade to trimming and with less than 45 degree angle gentlycut edge , prevent the pull glue phenomenon, cause side pull side of the small bubble. At the same time, trimming knife must not be in contact with glass, glass particles so as to avoid thecause behind the bubble processing department.

Pre pressure exhaust, the pieces after high pressure forming stage:

A, pre pressure exhaust: semi-finished pieces after going through pre pressing process.Preloading aims to remove the glass and film between the air, so that the steam pressure, dont make the air in the middle, the formation of air bubbles ; two is to make the glass and filmpreliminary glued together, steam pressure between each layer will not have the dislocation, and water will not penetrate the barrier sheet glass, a good foundation for laminated glasshas high quality A uses rolling exhaust method:. Glass preheat recommendations and goodsurface temperature 25-40 ℃, the first roller gap than sandwiched glass small total thicknessof about 1mm, pressure 0.2-0.5MPa. Second roller gap than clamping glass small total thickness of about 2mm, pressure is 0.3-0.5MPa. The second roll surface temperature of glass must be strictly controlled at 60-80 ℃. First prepare the required production of glass, as far as possible, uninterrupted, consecutive, avoid long time interval Heng Wenxiangtemperature series, caused by the glass surface temperature can not accurately control . B uses the thermal vacuum preloading exhaust method: suggested that vacuum is above 650mmHg, cold drawing temperature is 25 ℃, cold time is over 15 minutes; heat pumpingglass surface temperature required to reach 70-120 ℃, time in more than 30 minutes.

B, high pressure molding:. Sandwiched glass vertically on the support pre pressure exhaustgood, the adjacent clamp glass interval greater than 5mm The glass into the kettle, sealed the cauldron gate, the first heating, the reactor temperature reached 45 degrees, andheating and pressurizing . The heating speed control in 5 ℃ / min, pressure speed control in 0.06MPa / minutes When the temperature reaches 120-140, the pressure of 1.0 --- 1.5MPa, began to pressure and temperature holding 30 -.. 60 minutes Then the pressure down to 45 ℃, pressure to atmospheric pressure, high pressure molding process is completed, to get the final need to clamp glass products. Pressure, pressure relief when the temperature must be controlled strictly, to avoid clamping glass edge bubble.

Effect of two, the thickness of the glass with PVB film thickness of the basic requirements and the stress of glass

1, when laminated glass is broken, the glass is thicker on the PVB film tension is greater, somust according to the glass thickness using the appropriate thickness of PVB, the phenomenon of degumming, rational use of PVB can reduce the bubble glass rebound.

2, for the PVB film plates and other special purpose can be customized.

3 basic requirements, the thickness of the glass with the thickness of PVB complexes:

The 0.38mmPVB is suitable for (3 +3), (5 +5), (6 +6) of ordinary float glass.

The 0.76mmPVB is suitable for (6 +6) the following double tempered glass and float glass (8 +8).

The 1.14mmPVB is suitable for (8 +8) double tempered glass and float glass (10 +10).

The 1.52mmPVB is suitable for (10 +10) double tempered glass and float glass (12 +12).

The 1.90mmPVB is suitable for (12 +12) double tempered glass and float glass (15 +15).

And where the use of hot bending process of laminated glass using at least 0.76mm PVB.

Storage and transportation standard three, PVB film

1, should be entrusted to professional shipping company film, loading and unloading process strictly according to operating procedures.

2, good packaging of the product can be stored for 24 months at room temperatureenvironment clean, to avoid direct sunlight, Yu Lin, water and corrosive gas.

3, the aluminum foil packing damage or is open, must be placed on the lamination room ormeet the storage requirements of space, no longer than 60 days, should be placed in the ground more than 300 mm.

4, lamination room storage room to keep constant temperature, constant temperature, temperature was 18-22 ℃, humidity is between 25% -40%, the air quality in the 300000 level and above.

5, lamination room, storage room floor requires use of wood floor, thermal insulation, moisture resistance is better, if the conditions Limited customers also can use brush floor paint, prevent ground water caused by excessive humidity.

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