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UHMWPE is a unique, low friction Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) with a molecular weight of more than 3 million. Combining the benefits of higher wear resistance ...
BrandbuoyandpipeTagsUHMWPE Sheet
The UHMWPE Navigation Light Beacon is made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (GFRP) and body is filled with closed-cell elastic foam Polyurethane, which provides the buoy with great lightness and excellent mooring capacity.
BrandbuoyandpipeTagsGFRP Navigation Buoy
The Light Beacon is a special mark to guide the navigation and location of the ships, mark the obstruction and warnings. Light Beacon is made up by the pillar, platform and foundation.
BrandbuoyandpipeTagsUHMWPE Light Beacon
UHMW-PE Navigation Buoy is kind of signal for vessel guiding, positioning, obstacles marking and warning marking. The UHMWPE Buoy consists of light stand, floating body and tail pipe.
BrandbuoyandpipeTagsUHMWPE Navigation Buoy
Shandong Buoy and Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. has introduced the international advanced concept and adopted the pioneering technology to produce the continuous fiber reinforced poly...
BrandbuoyandpipeTagsCorrugated Fiber Reinforced HDPE Pipe
Wear resistant UHMWPE pipe is self-lubrication and non-adhesive. Its coefficient of friction resistance is 0.009 while that of steel pipe is 0.013. With the same diameter, flow rat...
BrandbuoyandpipeTagsUHMWPE Floating Pipe
UHMWPE lined steel pipe also named high wear resistant PE-steel composite pipe, it is combined by carbon steel UHMWPE pipeline through special technical method, and the diameter of the composite pipe is available from DN200~DN1200.
BrandbuoyandpipeTagsUHMWPE Lined Steel Pipe
UHMWPE Conveyor Roller SleeveUHMWPE Roller Benefits: 1. Abrasion resistance and long life The shell is made from UHMWPE which has abrasion resistance 10 times that of HDPE and 7 times that of steel.
BrandbuoyandpipeTagsUHMWPE Conveyor Roller Sleeve
According to the research achievement in anthropometry by its pioneer named A.R.Tilly, a famous America expert, it can be known, when people is moving by crawling, in a relatively ...
BrandbuoyandpipeTagsUHMWPE Life Escape Pipe
UHMWPE Mining pipe Benefits:Wear resistant UHMWPE pipe is greatly impact resistant which is 5 times that of HDPE pipe, 2 times that of PC pipe and 10 times that of PTFE pipes.With ...
BrandbuoyandpipeTagsUHMWPE Mining Pipe
Galvanized steel water tankThe hot dipped galvanized steel water tank is defers to the manufactured new type water tank.The manufacture and the installmentof tank have no influence of the construction.
BrandLONG ZHUOTagsGalvanized steel water tank
GRP Water Tank/SMC Water Tank/FRP Water TankGRP module water tank is a new type water tank after the development of reinforced concrete water tank , steel plate water tank, stainless steel water tank.
BrandLONG ZHUOTagsGRP Water Tank
Bio Ball Media is made of non-toxic PP plastic processing by artificial into nets pore structure of biological filtration ball.Many flake structure, internal porous. For adsorption...
BrandLONG ZHUOTagsBio Filter Ball
MBBR bio media is novel biologically active carrier and a new kind of suspension carriers. It adopts scientific formula,depending on the nature of water, blending a variety of bene...
BrandLONG ZHUOTagsMBBR Bio Media
Tube settler produced by our company uses PP, PVC Tube Settler. It was hot-drawn into a hexagonal tube shape by infrared thermal machine and then welded into the using shape with patented technology and high frequency.
BrandLONG ZHUOTagsPP Tube Settler
ABS spary nozzle for cooling towersThe Cooling tower spray nozzle is an injection molded polypropylene unit consisting of two parts—the main body with integral target diffuser and a snap-on insert or orifice cap.
BrandLONG ZHUOTagsSpray Nozzle
Air Inlet Louver improve air flow into the cooling tower, prevent debris from entering, eliminate water splash-out (which can cause icing, near-site water damage, and costly water ...
BrandLONG ZHUOTagsAir Inlet Louver
Drift Eliminator Modules use a tightly-spaced series of sinusoidal-shaped, PVC (or HPVC) blades that force the leaving air to make 3 distinct changes of direction, resulting in maximum drift droplet removal.
BrandLONG ZHUOTagsCooling Tower Accessories
Cooling Tower PP Infill-CF950-SWCooling tower fill introductionCooling Tower filler is one of the most important components for exchange of gas and water in cooling tower. Cooling ...
BrandLONG ZHUOTagsCooling Tower PP Infill
Cross Flow Cooling Tower Filler-CF1300-SPCooling tower fill introductionCooling Tower filler is one of the most important components for exchange of gas and water in cooling tower....
BrandLONG ZHUOTagsCross Flow Cooling Tower Filler