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LED fluorescent microscope MF22

Product Details

LED fluorescent microscope MF22
LED fluorescent microscope MF22

The microscope is an epi-fluorescence microscope designed for fluorescent and microbiology applications. It combines with MSHOT self-owned fluorescence illumination in LED module and modified trinocular Olympus CX22 biological microscope which adopts infinity-corrected objectives. The fluorescent microscope can present clear full-field, high contrast fluorescent field of view and bright field at the same time. Meanwhile, Abbe condenser can increase the visibility and contrast of the specimen.

Benefits of MF22 LED fluorescent microscope
Blue and green two colors fluorescence excitation group in one unit. Wider wavelength choice.
Trinocular head and C-mount adapter can support to connect with camera for photography.
Excellent infinity optical system, outstanding resolution and definition.
Infinity plan achromatic objectives in 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X
The mildew-proof treatment (anti-fungus) help to protect the optical components
The height limit function can effective avoid direct contact and friction between the objective lens and the specimen slide.

Advantages of fluorescence illumiantion in LED module
50,000 hours long working life time.
No warm up or cooling waiting, can operate immediately after starting up.
LED cold light illuminator, power saving, no ultraviolet prevention device is needed
Wide range of high effective fluorescent wavebands to be chosen for multifluorescence
Modular design meets ergonomics principle, convenience to use

Application sample
Microbiology (especially 2 colors Blue-Green excitations)
TB diagnostic ( (Immunofluorescence Assays, especially Royal Blue excitation)

Recommend Fluorescein Application

ColorSpecificationSuitable Fluorescein
UV330-380nm >400nm >420nmDAPI / Hoechst 33342&33258 / AMCA/AMCA-X / Alexa 350
Blue460-490nm >500nm >510nmGFP / EGFP / FITC / Alexa 488 / Cy2@ / Fluo-4 / FluorX@ / Fluoro-Jade
Green510-550nm >570nm >590nmPI / EB / EH
Royal Blue420-480nm >500nm >510nmSpecial for TB Diagnostic

Parameters :

Optical systemInfinity optical system
EyepieceWide field WF10X(Φ22mm)
ObjectivesObjectives (anti-fungus)
4x NA: 0.10 WD: 27.8 mm
10x NA: 0.25 WD: 8 mm
40x NA: 0.65 WD: 0.6 mm
100xOil NA: 1.25 WD: 0.13 mm
Eyepiece tubeTrinocular, 3 ways light switcher, inclined 30°
LED Epi-fluorescence illuminator (Bright field/ fluorescence switchmode: pull lever) Exciter color: Blue
Central wavelength 475nm
Exciting filter, wavelength 460nm~490nm permeable
45° dichroic mirror, wavelength over 500 permeable
Barrier Filter, wavelength over 510nm permeable
Exciter color: Green
Central wavelength 530nm
Exciting filter, wavelength 510nm~550nm permeable
45° dichroic mirror, wavelength over 570 permeable
Barrier Filter, wavelength over 590nm permeable
Focus systemFine focus minimum distance: 2.5μm, Exquisite: 0.3,
Pre-focusing knob: coarse adjustment knob tension adjustable
NosepieceFixed quadruple objective nosepiece
StageWire transmission, size: 120mm × 132mm, moving range: X Axial 76mm × Y Axial 30mm, single specimen holder
CondenserAbbe condenser, NA: 1.25 (oil), built-in iris diaphragm aperture
Transmitted illumination system6 V 20 W halogen bulb,
AC adapter: 00-120/220-240 V 50/60 Hz, 0.42/0.25A
Power consumption: 18.5 W
Optical interface1XC-mount
Fuse250V 0.5A
Power line
Standard three plug

Optional Epi-Fluorescence Illumination Excitation Group
Excitation color LED lighting central wavelengthExcitation filterDichroic mirrorEmission filter
Royal Blue450nm 420-480nm>500nm>510nm

Optional Digital Cameras
ModeMain SpecificationsFeatures
MC20-N1.4MP color CCD camera, 2/3” Sony ICX285AQ CCDHigh sensitivity, low noise, fast, comparative to cooled camera
MC201.4MP color CCD camera, 2/3SONY ICX285 CCDHigh sensitivity to weak fluorescence
MC505.0MP color CCD camera, 2/3 Sony ICX282 Progressive Scan Interline CCDHigh resolution, cooling mode optional
MD50-T5.0MP color CMOS cameraHigh resolution, sensitivity, fast frame rate, USB2.0& USB3.0
MD303.0MP color CMOS cameraHigh clarity, cost effective, stable
MD50 5.0MP color CMOS cameraHigh resolution,cost effective, stable

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